Monday, September 28, 2020
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There is always one better than you

I shared in person with quite a few people the story about the first miracle happened to me... It is remarkable that none of them...

First Miracle

As I said in the begining, my conscious life started some five years ago... That time I was working for Nicholas Gaudard (Swiss Joinery). We needed...

Mentioning some “rules”

OK, up to now we have two "rules", coming after the understanding that Everything is possible. 1) Do not DO. (Be in the motion without being...

Good Attitude!

Your strong believe that everything - good or "bad" is the best that God prepared for you, will take you one day to place...

How belief helps…?

In some ways it is wrong to say that Miracle-maker does not do miracles for himself... The miracles for me come through my Belief(Knowledge) that...

Ways of “doing”

So... DO NOT CREATE MOTION! Why? And how would man survive doing nothing? Being in the motion we survive by following the motion. So we do things. We have...