Friday, May 20, 2022
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God, the most personal thing

I'm glad I started to go more often on Facebook. I meet there some interesting people who make my life even more enjoyable. Today I stumbled...

Islam and The Torah

Facebook posting about the Torah and Islam. --- OK Faaizan, I don't like to put good people in the corner :-) Mohammad did never say that the...

Jesus and The Old Testament

I'm having some kind of "frustrating time" with my Muslim friends in Facebook. Discussing the Koran and pointing that Mohammad few times ordered killing as...

The Taste of The Cookie

Today I've stumbled into Deepak Chopra's article "Religion's Greatest Enemy?". I have already stated in one of my articles that God's greatest enemy is the...

Law and Religion

We are having discussion in Facebook with some Muslim friends about the mistakes in the Koran and we came to the point that Koran...

Church and Religion

A posting provoked by Giving it up for money. I think that most people (religious and atheists) wrongly associate Church with Religion. Religion is Knowledge about...