Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Crouching silence – hidden power

I crouched in the middle of your path. I vouched your existence. Stumbling stone - right pain in a wrong foot; your freedom is lame. I am the...

You are fired! You actually mind manipulating yourself.

Have you ever been fired? Have you been threaten to be fired? Did you ever considered been fired as a threat? Why? This is not "Mind manipulation (9)". Let...

Happy Birthday, son!

Today is my son's birthday. (It is almost the end of the day) Happy Birthday, son!

Mind manipulation (8)

This is article #8 We will not talk about mind manipulation. We will imagine: One day without cars, air plains, motto bikes, trucks and anything that burns...

Mind manipulation (7)

As we already said, mind manipulation works with "I WANT". "I WANT" includes all feelings and emotions. The more feelings and emotions you have, the more...

Mind manipulation (6)

So, where we were? Creating symbols for mind manipulation. Before we go further in the mind manipulation, I'd like to get clear about one thing: what you...