Since February-1995 I live in South Africa (six years in Pretoria and now in Johannesburg)
When I first saw Pretoria, I loved it.
It looks very much the same like my town, with all that green hills around.

Here I’d like to share few photos from Pleven, my town in Bulgaria.

I was four years in cadet school and eleven in the army.
Here is the army base where I spend that eleven years from my youth.
(Now it is museum)

The army base

City center
the city center

the city council
the city council

And in a cave in our town park we have a restaurant:

cave restaurant

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I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come, To My Self I Return

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Bulgaria Guide
17 years ago


I am from England, but my wife is from Plovdiv. Bulgaria is such a beautiful country that we are trying to save as much as possible to move to Plovdiv.

I have started building a site about Bulgaria and would love it if you would drop by

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