Pleven – my town in Bulgaria


Since February-1995 I live in South Africa (six years in Pretoria and now in Johannesburg)
When I first saw Pretoria, I loved it.
It looks very much the same like my town, with all that green hills around.

Here I’d like to share few photos from Pleven, my town in Bulgaria.

I was four years in cadet school and eleven in the army.
Here is the army base where I spend that eleven years from my youth.
(Now it is museum)

The army base

City center
the city center

the city council
the city council

And in a cave in our town park we have a restaurant:

cave restaurant


  1. It is nice to hear that an English man loves Bulgaria and wants to move there 🙂
    I’d love to check your web site, but unfortunately it does not open (endless loading).
    I’ll pop up immediately after it is available for South Africa (or may be it does not like me 😉 )

    Edit: I changed your URL by placing www in front of the domain name.
    It does not open without it.

    Very neat, well structured and easy to use web site.
    Correct and helpful information.
    I wish you success, dear English man 🙂


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