Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Ladder Paradox

Relativity of simultaneity and length contraction debunked

To question the length contraction and the relativity of simultaneity I introduce a third simultaneous event in the ladder paradox problem. How?  Simply, by attaching...
Time, Motion and Mind

Time, Motion and Mind

Time! What is Time? The widely accepted definition of time which we know from school is: "Non spatial continuum in which the events occur." My definition is: Time is...
God for Scientists

God for scientists

We had an interesting discussion in the already closed Orkut.com and I'd like to put here the spark which put the atheist forum in...

Bertrand Russell – how knowledge is created, who creates it, and...

"Can human beings know anything, and if so, what and how? This question is really the most essentially philosophical of all questions." - Bertrand Russell Not...
awareness before hand

Awareness beforehand

The Concept An existence is claimed only after observation. Contrary to all philosophical claims and dictionary definitions, Existence is state of presence in an observation. The mind...

50/50 (Clarification for Dummies)

The main problem in understanding the concept "Awareness beforehand" is: the mind do not pay attention to the fact that it works with meanings and...