Dear Friends,



This English version of Truden Weblog comes as a hope that more English speaking people will stop by, for a small bit of Life sharing.
Truden Web Site became very huge space for Bulgarian Seekers, but unfortunately it could not gather together people which are so different in culture and language.
Therefore I decided to make this Weblog, for English speaking only.

I don’t expect that it will make VERY BIG difference, but I hope that English language will give you more comfortable feeling of being Home.
My English is not BEST, but it is good enough to share Myself with You.

My full name is Nikolay Sisoev aka Truden. I’m Bulgarian and I live in the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains.
For very long time I was musician (clarinet player), then in 1995 I moved with my family to South Africa. There I changed my profession and became woodworker. After 24 years in Africa we are back in Bulgaria, and I enjoy helping my wife with her small jewelry business.

I hope that you will like some of the stuff in my weblog.
Enjoy the reading and do not hesitate to comment and give questions.

Love to All


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