Hip hop music, and where hip-hop comes from


Did somebody have ever had the curiosity to know where hip hop music comes from?
In Wikipedia I found this explanation about the roots of so called Rap music:

Hip hop music, also known as rap music, is a style of music which came into existence in the United States during the mid-1970s, and became a large part of modern pop culture during the 1980s.

As a musician I have always disagreed with the definition “black music” attached to the Jazz.
Now the world is very close to another cultural delusion.

If you grew up on the Balkans you’d know that “rap music” has its beautiful existence in the hundreds of years old folk music of this world region.

Rhyming in rhythm with music is known in the folk music of at least two Balkan nations – Bulgarian and Romanian.

Here is a small piece of Romanian folk music performed by Fanfare Ciocarlia

Batuta la rind

This type of rhyming is used in the folk music of our two nations to invite the people for dance, to glorify person or event.
It is also used in a slow (large) rhythm, which sounds very tender and in the same time very powerful as an expression.

Cate Mute, Cate Slute (Maria Tanase)

(Files qualities are reduced for faster streaming)


  1. That’s true for anything, not for rap music only.
    But when we are searching for the roots we are looking at the style.
    When we are attaching traditions, we are looking at the style.
    Somehow they menage to attach roots and traditions (for the rap) taking them from Africa, where there is no sign for such a style.

    Another thing: culture needs language.
    African Americans do not use African language, therefore their culture can not be defined as African, but only as American. One can not say that “black” American culture derives from Africa, because the African language is dead in that (“black”) culture.

  2. ^ soz about that !

    the roots of hip-hop trace back millenia with the African oral traditions of the Griots.

    much scientific evidence informs us that Africa was probably the first region on Earth to bear human life so it is quite probable that the practice of rhythmically recited poetry in Africa far precedes anything Caucasian (eg Balkan) in origin.

    btw, i only came across this site cause i’ve just named my newborn son Truden. I thought i had made up the name but it looks like someone got there first!

    haven’t read your other blogs yet but based on the tone of this one, im hoping you’re not a redneck.

    as you say hip-hop as a ‘style’ of music came out in the early 70’s. that doesn’t mean it’s constituent parts were not already extant, does it?

    i’m sure some Balkan music contains Singing but you wouldn’t expect someone to dispute the authenticity of it by asserting that other Singing occured prior to Balkan folk music ?

  3. Well, I’m not putting the roots of rap music on the Balkans 😀
    I’m just saying that this style is widely used in that region.
    I’m Bulgarian, living in South Africa, and from all my researches I did not come to a single proof for this style in African music.

    Congratulations for the Truden name of your son.
    May God give him long life and happiness.

    Truden in Bulgarian language means “difficult” and also “pregnant” (old usage).
    My real name is Nikolay, but “Truden” came very naturally as my nickname.

    Hope I’ll see you around 🙂


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