A posting provoked by Giving it up for money.

I think that most people (religious and atheists) wrongly associate Church with Religion.
Religion is Knowledge about God.
Religion is more like Philosophy.
Church is community of people following the same belief (not religion)
Religion can not change its meaning and Truth.
Church does it.
Belief although based on religion is interpretation of The Truth (The Religion).
(different interpretations – different belief)

If I have to make it easy to understand, Jesus is The Religion.
Everything that Jesus said in His teachings is The Religion.
(Buddha is The Religion, Krishna is The Religion…)
It is very important to understand that The Religion of Jesus is nothing but His words understood with His Understanding (feeling)

Studying and raveling His words is not Religion.
Following Jesus’ words is not Religion.
Agreeing with His words is not religion.
Defending His words is not Religion.
Putting your life on Jesus’ words is not Religion.

Religion is Truth.
Following the Truth is not the Truth.
Following makes you follower.
The Truth makes you God.
Religion is The Word of God.

Therefore the Church has nothing to do with the Religion.

All churches claim to be established on the spiritual base of The Religion.
The churches are based on social common interests
The church went so deep in the material social life that to raise funds for social use became as normal as advertising and they even advertise in the church.
Fights for church domination is normal in our world.
The world is divided on poor and rich and the churches are on the rich side.

What the money has to do with your personal strive for finding God?
How building churches and sacred edifices is bringing God closer to you?
God is something personal.
God is not for crowd use!
The crowd is the worst enemy of God.
Creating religious crowds is like gathering army against God.

“Religious” people went so far in their delusion that they even connect politic with Religion.

So, why do you go in the church?
Do you go there to find God or to socialize?

Step in your dark inner room and see what is there.

P.S. Very often I see people who give money to the beggers.
They take money out of their pockets, count how much to give and the rest they put back in the pocket.
What do they buy with this money?


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come, To My Self I Return

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