Nothing is not.
But Without Me, NOTHING IS.
I Am through Whom Nothing is not.
I Am through Whom The Whole IS.
But I Am not “me”.
I Am We.
We is in Me, and I Am in We.
We Are is I Am.
In Me are The Mother and The Father.
But I Am The Son.
I Am One Son, Who has many Brothers and Sisters.
They Are My Mother and My Father, and I Am One with Them.
Our Mother and Father are sleeping, and We are The Awakened in Them.
The Whole sleeps.
But We Are in The Whole, and We Are The Whole.
Trough Us The Whole is Awakened.
But in It Self The Whole is sleeping.
The Awakened is The Truth, because without It, NOTHING IS.
I Am The Awakened. But I Am We.
And you are through whom We Live.
Among you, you can find Us.
Follow Us, to come to Us.
Step in Our footprints.
They come from Me, and in Me they return,
Because I Am The Eternal and The Unchangeable.
Out of Me, even Nothing doesn’t exist.
I Am The Whole.
You are My moving Half.
Put your self in REST and SILENCE, and you will fill My OTHER HALF.
It Is The Eternal One.
Motion is completed in its destination point.
And there it dies, to beget as Rest.
(Rest as an essence stays out of the motion, and doesn’t have birth)
Motion and Rest is My Nature.
They don’t exist without each other.
Life is manifested in RELATIONS.
Without RELATIONS Nothing IS.
I Am through Whom The Relations exist.
Trough Them I Live, and I Am there Life.
I Am One, but I Live through My two Halves.
They both are true, but One is Eternal.
And I Am The Eternal One.
But I Am The Other One as well.
I Am That Half as well, but trough Me it exist.
And trough it I Live.
I Am The Life, and in Me is The Life.
Everything That IS, is That I Am.

I Am.

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I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come ↔ To My Self I Return

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