Time, Motion and Mind

Time, Motion and Mind

What is Time?

The widely accepted definition of time which we know from school is:
“Non spatial continuum in which the events occur.”
My definition is:

Time is the relation between two or more events

Time is relevant and limited to the events.
In philosophical discussions I always introduce the idea about the hierarchy in the mind concepts.
Every mind concept appears in certain hierarchical order and by changing the hierarchy we end up with fallacy.

In this particular case the time is placed before the events.
The accepted definition of time states that the events appear in Time, but it is actually the other way round – time is created as a concept from the relation between two or more events.

My arguments:

God for Scientists

God for scientists

We had an interesting discussion in the already closed Orkut.com and I’d like to put here the spark which put the atheist forum in fire.
Here it is with small changes and additions:

So let’s see whether there is such a thing as “God for scientists”.

I’ll start with the famous question: “Did a falling tree in the forest made a sound if nobody heard it?”
The answer is NO. The tree didn’t make any sound but did produce vibration with a frequency between 20 and 20000 hertz.
Sound appears to us (and some sentient beings) when we with our ears detect (observe) these vibration frequencies.
The same explanation stands for all observations we do.
We do not observe matter but patterns created by wave interference.
Those patterns have to be observed in order to “turn in to” the thing, which we named “matter” in all its observable variations. If not observed everything is nothing but interfering waves.

Translating My Life

I had a Google translator in the side bar of my weblog.
It would be good, I thought, if none English speaking visitors can read my writings in their language.
Last night I decided to add Russian language to the list.
So, I added it and I was curious to see the translation of the “666” article.

I understand Russian pretty well and it was kind of check for the translation Google does.
Although “English to Russian” is still in beta version, I was horrified to see not wrong, but completely opposite in meaning translation.




Man is living in three of his natures,
The forth one is the truth and the Life.


The forth one is your soul alive.

I wrote these verses in Bulgarian and English languages.
I know that for most of the people they won’t make any sense.
666 is the most famous number in the world for the last two thousand years.
What do they mean?
What is the secret hidden behind 666?

Let first see where this number comes from.