3:00 a clock in the morning the dock waked me up.
There were thieves in the farm and Quiny was furiously barking.
I tried to go back in my sleep, but I couldn’t.
Then I put on my tracksuit and went out in front of the house.

Poor dock…
She would chase them if her hips were not so badly damaged from the burden of the years.

Poor thieves… It was freezing outside, and they wouldn’t find any valuable thing in this piece of property.
I was peering into the darkness with the hope to see them, and kind of felt like calling them and offer them oranges or some food.
Of course they never show up…

5:15 a clock: I took my wife to Sandy from where Sandy’s father will take them to the airport. They will be in Cape Town today.
I’d like to be on my wife’s place… I love Cape Town.


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come, To My Self I Return

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