Every one of us remembers how he/she was taught to say “thank you”.
Not that we didn’t know how to say it, but in a moment of happiness we (the kids) thought that our happiness is the “thank you” which must be heard.

O, we were so wrong…

Then we learn the “thank you” words, and the thankfulness became word.
Now we are grown people and we always say “tank you”.
It does not matter that people don’t see it; it is important to hear it (or to read it).

I’ll never forget:
“What do you have to say now…?”
“Nikolay, w h a t do YOU say now!!!” – no question here…
Oh, these old people! They could never see the thankfulness. Like blind… they need to hear it.
“Thank you…”

And then I would go to all my friends to tell them what I got from that good man, who is visiting our family.

Now it’s simpler: “Thank you!”
And you can even forget.

My wife always says that I’ll never grow up.
I hope that she is right.

Any way…
I want to tell you what I got today from a very good man.
I got a Forum plugin for my weblog:
Easy to use,
Free of charge.

Thank You, Andy.
I mean it 🙂


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come, To My Self I Return

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