I love animals.
And they love me.
My boss had an African gray parrot.
I say “had”, because now Willy is mine.
African gray parrots are very special birds.
They choose their prime bond, and just in case the “prime bond” is not around, they have secondary bond.
So, since the day I met Willy, he rejected his prime bond and chose me.
After time my boss decided to give him to me.

We also have one wolf (Lycos) and one cat (Candy) at home.
For a little while we had Jerry.
We found him on the high way and brought him home.
Unfortunately no one called for him (SPCA was informed) and also unfortunately Jerry did not like very much Candy.
We had to give him to our neighbor, who stays with us in the same farm.
So Jerry is still around and enjoy Locos company.

A month or two ago, turtle-dove came home in one of our rooms, but did not like Candy’s company and went away.

That is not all.
About a month ago a snake came home and we found her in our sunny room (outside room with glass walls)
I’m pretty sure it was black mamba.
Why it came indoor?
Because we have frogs and lizards.
I gave up chasing the frogs out, and my advise to my wife was to put bolls of water in the room corners, so they will have place for toilet needs ๐Ÿ™‚

But that is not all…
Yesterday morning my wife surprised me with the news that there is snake in my office room.
That was too much for me.
I had to kill it, and now I’m sorry.
But I had no choice.
The snake was very fast and I could imagine what will happen if it goes out of the room and disappear in one of the other rooms.

Well, we don’t know if there is no other snake in the house, but we prefer to think that there is no more snakes… at least not many…


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come, To My Self I Return

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