If you ever have your first miracle, don’t tell anybody about it.
Do not tell it even to your first friend, to your mother or father or who ever you think of.
If the miracle is related to somebody, tell him/her not to tell about it to anybody.
Keep your miracles in secret as long as possible.
That is good for the strength of your faith which might be weakened from others people disbelieve.
Keeping your miracles in secret is good for your Ego; not to increase it.
It is good for the other people as well. Don’t put hatred, envy and disbelieve in them

Don’t even think that you could profit from your miracles.
The profit is for the weak and the poor.
The profit is for the greedy and for the voluptuous.
You need nothing.
If you needed something else you wouldn’t reach the miracle.

If you can make miracles you are Rich.
The more you give from your wealth the richer you become.
Yet, it must not be striving.
It must be your essence.
Your eyes must not see the alms in your hand.

Try to stay silent and tender.


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come ↔ To My Self I Return

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