Category: Stories from my Life

  • Teaching miracles

    Almost two years I did not write anything in the section Stories from my Life. I started those stories as kind of response to the “miracle stories” from a famous American book. The strange thing is that I suddenly stopped on the most interesting place of my life. Why? Something held me back every time […]

  • Preparing Lessons

    As I wrote in my first postings, before I had my first miracle I already was prepared for it. The life showed me that there is something that I don’t know and that I must search for. Well… I did not put myself immediately in the search, but no one can escape from himself. I […]

  • Don’t tell anybody

    If you ever have your first miracle, don’t tell anybody about it. Do not tell it even to your first friend, to your mother or father or who ever you think of. If the miracle is related to somebody, tell him/her not to tell about it to anybody. Keep your miracles in secret as long […]

  • First Answers

    Lying on the lawn during my lunch time, I had my first sparks of Truth. In the beginning I was amazed, and then the doubt came in my mind: is that truthful experience or it is some kind of illusion? If it comes in my mind isn’t it created by me? Every question that arose […]

  • The “absolute meaning”

    So… Do not choose your Teacher!!! Man choice is always WRONG!!! Therefore: DO NOT CHOOSE!!! Be like a walker in the field of flowers. Enjoy it. The only thing you can “choose” is not to step on a flower.

  • There is always one better than you

    I shared in person with quite a few people the story about the first miracle happened to me… It is remarkable that none of them accepted it with joy… None of them showed that they are glad to meet someone that had word from God. On the contrary – there was doubt, discomfort, jealousy, hate… […]