Preparing Lessons

As I wrote in my first postings, before I had my first miracle I already was prepared for it.
The life showed me that there is something that I don’t know and that I must search for.
Well… I did not put myself immediately in the search, but no one can escape from himself.
I already stated that the first miracle happened to me, was the word(s), that I heard from God, but long before that, in Bulgaria I had many miracles that I put on the shelf of the supernatural mystic experience that could happen to anyone.

First Answers

Lying on the lawn during my lunch time, I had my first sparks of Truth.

In the beginning I was amazed, and then the doubt came in my mind: is that truthful experience or it is some kind of illusion? If it comes in my mind isn’t it created by me?

Every question that arose in me was answered.

I was thinking: “What is That thing, which I hear in my meditations?”
The answer came: “I Am before Krassy”
(My brother’s short name is Krassy)

I doubted that I’m going crazy.
The answer came: “(Life) Begets on You”.