I wonder, shall I start new category where to share my daily thoughts…?

Well… I already did it, but knowing myself I would say that it won’t be full of writings.
I have so little thoughts…
Huh… Am I honest…???

Now I know that if this category becomes bigger than the rest, I’ll excuse myself with the need of thought-producing 😉

Any way…
The need to share myself is my basic instinct.
I must follow it.


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come ↔ To My Self I Return

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18 years ago

Just a thought
i exist and yet i know not as what or for what. i am but i do not know who that is… i wish i did, maybe then i would appreciate ME more. i feel like i exist as a burden to others but then i have a glipse of how i could contribute and then i try hard to do exactly that but along the way it ends up as one more burden for yet another unsuspecting human. i do think about it all and then i ask myself the question “is it me that brings the burden to them or is it THEM that attract the burden to themselves”. And then the logical continuation of that question is “AM i attracting them so i can burden them and by so doing feel bad(punishing myself subconciously) or are THEY attrasting ME to get burdened”? we are all just pins in the complicated existance called LIFE on the planned EARTH so enjoy it and be thankfull for being previliged enough to be a part of it!

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