Relativity of simultaneity and length contraction debunked

Ladder Paradox
Ladder Paradox
Relativity of Simultaneity and length contraction debunked
Relativity of Simultaneity and length contraction debunked

To question the length contraction and the relativity of simultaneity I introduce a third simultaneous event in the ladder paradox problem.

How?  Simply, by attaching a rod to each door, which is welded perpendicularly on the inside of the doors, in a way that the rod tips touch when both the doors are closed. (See the red attached arms on the graphics)
Think of this touching event as verification of the simultaneity – touching verifies simultaneity, no touching – no simultaneity.
Obviously, this event will be absent in the ladder reference frame, since the doors in that frame are not closing simultaneously.
Missing event in one of the reference frames is against the law of physics, which automatically puts Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in the scientific dustbin.

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