Time, Motion and Mind

Time, Motion and Mind

What is Time?

The widely accepted definition of time which we know from school is:
“Non spatial continuum in which the events occur.”
My definition is:

Time is the relation between two or more events

Time is relevant and limited to the events.
In philosophical discussions I always introduce the idea about the hierarchy in the mind concepts.
Every mind concept appears in certain hierarchical order and by changing the hierarchy we end up with fallacy.

In this particular case the time is placed before the events.
The accepted definition of time states that the events appear in Time, but it is actually the other way round – time is created as a concept from the relation between two or more events.

My arguments:

1) Universe without events is Universe without time.

Some people will argue that there will be time although it will be impossible to measure it.
That would be fallacy.
We measure time with time which is actually event with event (circle around the sun with spins around the Earth axis)
The logical conclusion is that we cannot apply time to a motionless universe.

How do we measure time? – by relating one or more events to another event or events.

I think that this is quite clear.

2) We need two or more events to have time as existing concept.
One event is insufficient for time creation.

To have “motion” we need universe with least two objects.
To have “time” we need universe with least two events.

If there is universe with one only object, that object can not show motion and cannot exist in time.
It can only exist as motionless in space.
The definition of time does not apply to such Universe.

If the Universe is created from two objects, which are moving away from each other, according to definition of time we should have time, but how can we explain and how can we measure time in such universe?
In this case we can only claim that an event occurs in space, but not in time.

3) When you argue the above, do not refer to the already built mind concept of time.
– Have in mind, that you already have the time concept from at least two events in your life.
– Note that your thinking is an event too.
– Do not use “speed” for proving “time”.
Speed is related to motion and measured with time.
– Relation between two events is for example “the number of Earth spins in one circle around the sun”.
– Every time-measuring tool is used as an “event”. However, the moving clock does not measure time, unless we refer it to another event.
– All events appear in space, except the thought (the thinking).

Well, this is my idea about “time”.
Most probably I missed something, but that is why I put it on discussion 🙂






One response to “Time, Motion and Mind”

  1. Truden Avatar

    I have been BANNED from religious and atheistic web sites for expressing my views but I have never expected to BAN me from Physics forum for expressing different view.

    Well, there is Time for everything.
    The Time to be BANNED for my interpretation about Time has come.
    I’ve been BANISHED from http://www.physicsforums.com for the above article.

    Obviously Science has come to the point of religious blindness, where the authority has become law and the laws are eternal.
    The definition of Time has to be taken as true only because was uttered by the mouth of the authority and after that became TABOO.
    To that science we must pay homage (!)

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