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  • Relativity of simultaneity and length contraction debunked

    Relativity of simultaneity and length contraction debunked

    To question the length contraction and the relativity of simultaneity I introduce a third simultaneous event in the ladder paradox problem. How?  Simply, by attaching a rod to each door, which is welded perpendicularly on the inside of the doors, in a way that the rod tips touch when both the doors are closed. (See the […]

  • Time, Motion and Mind

    Time, Motion and Mind

    Time! What is Time? The widely accepted definition of time which we know from school is: “Non spatial continuum in which the events occur.” My definition is: Time is the relation between two or more events Time is relevant and limited to the events. In philosophical discussions I always introduce the idea about the hierarchy […]

  • God for scientists

    God for scientists

    We had an interesting discussion in the already closed and I’d like to put here the spark which put the atheist forum in fire. Here it is with small changes and additions: So let’s see whether there is such a thing as “God for scientists”. I’ll start with the famous question: “Did a falling […]

  • Richard Dawkins DELUSION

    After I did my “Dawkins experiment” I decided to go back and have a real conversation with Mr Dawkins admirers (they wouldn’t like the “followers” word). So I decided to tell them about my God – the One who I know. (you have to be registered for this forum) I wasn’t impressed by their understanding […]

  • The Dawkins experiment

    Yesterday (28.12.2007) I decided to do The Dawkins experiment You might not see it as an experiment, but I call it like that, because if you set plan for research and study on a subject you are actually experimenting. Do and observe. So, what was the experiment? I simply opened a topic in Richard Dawkins […]

  • Islam and The Torah

    Facebook posting about the Torah and Islam. — OK Faaizan, I don’t like to put good people in the corner 🙂 Mohammad did never say that the Torah was corrupted. He blamed the Jews for not following the Torah. He proved that Torah was unchanged by saying: “Bring then the Taurat and read it, if […]