From my teenage days

I don’t remember in my life (ever) to put something like task or goal to achieve.
My life for me was always like a boat in a slow river.
I came out from poor family: my father was musician in an army orchestra and my mother was second cook in a School for a high level communist activists.
When I had to go to hi school, my father asked me would I like to study music.
“Yes – I said – but I already placed my documents for the chemistry school.”
It was July and I did never touch any musical instrument except my father’s clarinet, helping him to clean it.
“Let’s try – he said – you have more than two months.
In two months I had to learn clarinet and make my audition program.
I started the same day, and there was no doubt in me that I’ll be musician.

First steps that I remember

I’m Bulgarian and to write in English for me is not easy at all.
I’ll try my best, but if you notice some none English way of expression, do not focus on it, and it will come to you much easier.

The stories that you will read here are not written in Bulgarian language.
They are real stories from my life.
In fact these are the moments from my life that led me to the one that I am.
I started them for you guys in this forum.

You can print them, give them to your friends, publish them, make money out of them, and do what ever you want to do.
My only request is not to change even a word.