Nothing changes!

I have had discussions with many people about philosophy, religion, God and human values.
The interesting thing about people is that they are creating the image about me, before I even get to my second sentence.
More interesting than that is, that I have been framed as Cristian fanatic, satanist, new age spiritualist, Buddhist, fascist, communist, racist… you name it…

8th of March

Today is The International Women’s Day. In Bulgaria it is celebrated by the women and men almost as national holiday. The flower shops get empty early in the morning and the cafes get full early in the afternoon. Happy women’s day, dear women! [[Image:KALA/9_tsvetia_copy.jpg|center|200|We Love You]]

Zoo home

I love animals.
And they love me.
My boss had an African gray parrot.
I say “had”, because now Willy is mine.
African gray parrots are very special birds.
They choose their prime bond, and just in case the “prime bond” is not around, they have secondary bond.
So, since the day I met Willy, he rejected his prime bond and chose me.
After time my boss decided to give him to me.


I think that I got hooked by my Weblog 😀
Well, not exactly, but I’m kind of entertaining myself with it.

Weblogs are very different than normal web sites.
They have the ability to “talk” between each other, to track conversations, to drag attentions, to expose in number of different ways… briefly said: weblogs are smart way of internet communication.

Last two weeks I was busy upgrading my “My Truden Life” (by the way, “Truden” means difficult) and I can say that I had some exciting time.

Having God

It is 2:31 in the morning. The thought “having God” came as a contrast of the last postings, which were more about “having sex”. Most people go to bed with the “having sex” thought. What if the world turns and go to bed with the thought of having God?