So… Do not choose your Teacher!!!
Man choice is always WRONG!!!
Therefore: DO NOT CHOOSE!!!

Be like a walker in the field of flowers. Enjoy it.
The only thing you can “choose” is not to step on a flower.

– – –

When I was working for Swiss Joinery, I had one hour lunch time.
Half of that time I used to lie on the lawn next to the workshop, trying to rest from the heavy work.
In that half an hour I started to have something like short dreams (very short), which that time I couldn’t describe as something normal…
Now I know that it was the beginning of my meditations.

The very first one was:

I heard: “The word is not a meaning. It is to reveal the Meaning.”
Then I saw a glass dish. It was suspended in the air. I was moved around it and from the other site I saw that it wasn’t the same glass dish anymore…
It was something like an energy, which did not look like dish at all, but still was giving me the knowledge (feeling) about dish.

Since then I did never use the word as a meaning.
That meditation liberated me from the prison of the words.

I always say to my friends: “Do not put ABSOLUTE meaning in my words. Let them breathe in you.”

Know that every CONCRETE meaning in your understanding is hardening the path to Freedom.


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come ↔ To My Self I Return

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