As I said in the begining, my conscious life started some five years ago…
That time I was working for Nicholas Gaudard (Swiss Joinery).
We needed some more help in the woodwork shop and Nick asked me to find somebody from my Bulgarian friends in Pretoria. I called one guy which I did not know very well, but I could see as honest and responsible man.
He didn’t even know carpentry, but in few months time he was able to work alone on a project.
After Bojko (his name) got his first salary from Swiss Joinery, he and his wife invited me (and my wife) for restaurant dinner.
On that dinner was my first time when I was seriously dragged in a conversation about God.

Bojko and his wife were (and I suppose that they still are) members of “Seven Days Advent Church”
Seeing me and my wife as reasonable people they probably felt obliged to offer us to join their community.
Of course the conversation did not started with straight proposal?
Usually church people in recruitment start with the glory of God, and how much we must be thankful Him for His care about us and our families. I agree fully with that, but when they come to the point that we must pay Him back in some way, I got tensed.
What could I offer to God!?

“What could I offer Him” – was my question when the conversation came to that point.
The answer was not immediate, but finally I got it, and in general meaning it was: 10% of my salary, keeping Saturday as day of God, and obedience to God.
I learned obedience in the army and that was fine with me. As long as Saturday is fine with my boss Nick that was fine with me too, but I could not imagine how my miserable 10% will help God love me more, and how being more miserable without that 10% I’ll love Him more?

I did not need time for reasoning to tell Bojko that there is something very wrong in their church.
Here everything started…

Every day, every minute when we had time we spoke with Bojko about God and our belief.
That is the time when I started to read the Bible.
I started to read it with the intention to find proof for his deception, and after few attempts I found out that I manage pretty well with this BIG Book.
I was even kind of proud with myself that I can show an intellectual power that can take down a years build church understanding.
At some point I almost manage to show Bojko that God does not need sacrifices but good deeds and love between people. I say “almost”, because the 10% and the Saturday remained unquestionable for him, until one day I found in the Bible:

Romans 14:5 One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.

That helped me a lot in my understanding and I dropped my efforts on that argument, but another one came: “The Only Begotten Son of God”.
By the time I’ve put myself on to this argument I already had my understanding about it. The strange thing was that I found myself convinced that Jesus is not the only begotten, reading the Bible while searching for the previous argument.

That was the Greatest challenge in my life: to prove that the church have no right understanding about Jesus.

I started to search not only in the Bible.
From day to day my dial up Internet connection started to coast me more and more?
I found PC Bible and install it in my computer.
My life shifted so much away from its normal trails that my wife, my children and friends started to look at me in some strange way?
I wasn’t wary.
I felt like this is not one of my “two weeks-hobbies”.
In my deep inner I was sure that I’m doing something right, and I’ll succeed to finish it.
It wasn’t about the argument anymore, but I was terrified by Bojko’s refusal to accept the proofs of the Bible. (All is there)

Every night I was going in the bed with my hope that next day Bojko will understand me.
He have to understand that trying to prove that Jesus is One of many Brothers, I’m not trying to lower Him down but to elevate human’s Hope and human’s nature.

One night I went in the bed with the feeling that there is no hope anymore that Bojko will understand me.
I was going asleep with the question: “Why my God, why he can not accept it?”

“His father hates me” – I heard it so clearly like somebody lying next to me said it.
Yet it wasn’t coming from the room but from inside of me.
Strange that I wasn’t surprised by that voice and I did not even open my eyes.
A short wander waved me for a second and changed with my disappointment of not clear answer.
“Because his father hates me” – second time I heard in myself the voice, and that was too much for me.
I sat in the bed next to my sleeping wife, and I knew the answer.
I knew it not from the words that I heard.
I just knew it.

This is the first miracle happened to me – I got answer from God.

I met Bojko in South Africa.
I didn’t know him from Bulgaria.
I don’t know any of his relatives and parents there, and we did never talk about any of them.

Next day I told him about my revelation.
I told him (and he approved) that his father hates God, and he was also non-believer until he met his wife. Then in the church of his wife for first time he accepted the idea that God exist and His way is the Right way.

From our conversations, although seeing me as a good man he was hearing me as an antichrist, who is trying to bring him back to his father’s way.

Bojko did not reject my explanation, but said that nobody can hear God except His son, and the devil can also reveal truths to the people.

Now Bojko lives in Canada with his wife and children.
Few weeks ago a friend of mine from Toronto said that he met him, and he asked for my telephone number.

I know that Bojko will come to the Truth, because I had another vision, which was also taken by him, as devil seduction.

I’m patient.
I’m very patient.


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come ↔ To My Self I Return

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