Your strong believe that everything – good or “bad” is the best that God prepared for you, will take you one day to place in the Soul and the place in the world which you always wanted.

My friend Branko, who found that job for me  (the previous post) was also carpenter.
The time I had that job, he was also working for the same company, for a little bit more money.
Branko is Serbian.
Before to come in South Africa he was trying his way in the art painting.
After I left that job, Branko also left the company, bought himself few woodwork machines and started his own business.
About a year after that he was hospitalized with unknown disease.
He was feeling very sick, but nobody would say what is the sickness.
Some time after he was released from the hospital he came to visit me.
We both like to be together talking about God and all the things that you guys talk here in this Forum.

“Tell me now – I turn to him – what was your health problem?”
“Hatred, my friend. Hatred…” – was his brief answer…
Then he told me the story, how he made the shop fitting for one man, and he did not pay him R20000, money which in South Africa (if not paid) could be the reason a small business to go under.
That man told Branko that he don’t have the money, and probably will never pay them to him.
“I felt like all the heaviness of the world came on my heart. After few sleepless nights I hated him “from the bottom of my heart” like they say” – said Branko, and his sad looking eyes became even more sad.
“Few weeks later I was sick. Lying in my hospital bed, I was thinking… What brought me here. The doctors couldn’t say what is the sickness. My body was perfectly strong… But my mind… One day I got the answer – the hatred brought me in the hospital.”
Branko looked at me, and his eyes now were brighter.
“Then I had to bring out the forgiveness… I forgave that man. I even started to pray for him, God to help him in the business, and double and triple the money that he did not pay me.”
Next day I was on my feet, and I left the hospital.” – finished his story Branko.
He took a short breath and continued:
“Now I would like to ask you for forgiveness” – He looked straight in my eyes.
I was surprised, and could not even ask him for what must I forgive him.
“Do you remember – he said – when you didn’t have job, and I help you to get that job for R2000?”
“Of course – I said – I’ll never forget your help, and I’m very thankful for the good that you did to me.”
“Well… I ask you to forgive me for the GOOD – he emphasize on this word – that I did for you.”
I had no words, but my eyes showed him my surprise and question.
“I did not do that for you, my friend. I did it for me – he stopped for few seconds – How to explain you…?”
I did not need explanation. I knew what he means…
“You know… – he carried on – … you meet somebody who needs your help, and you help him out of your pride that you have power to do it… And you do it just to enjoy your power…”
I knew…
Tears were veiling my eyes and I kept trying to hide them, keeping my sight in the coffee-cup.
I couldn’t judge him for that, but for his comfort I forgave him.
And this is what I said to Branko…

Few months later Branko sold his woodwork business and started to paint.
He wanted to be an artist and now he is one of the most famous and successful artists in South Africa.
You can see some of his paintings HERE, or search Google for Branko Dimitrov

So-o… Good attitude about everything in your life – this is one of the steps to the Miracles.


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come ↔ To My Self I Return

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19 years ago

I was very inspired by this story between you and Branko!! It reminded me, I have a dream myself, which had begun to fade; perhaps, today, I will get out of my hospital bed(in my spirit), and fly like the great eagle, like Branko! My digital artwork is posted on my website; though it is used to host my “North’s Album” of my work. click on pictures, click on North’s Album. you will come to a page of all thumbnails; IF you prefer to see them, in a x360 size format, click on album cover… it will show the first pic in larger size, above that, will be a next button. Plz let Branko know, that you both have inspired me…Tao

19 years ago

Great work, my friend 🙂
I like your digital way of expression.

Few hours ago we had diner with Branko, and I told him about your comment on his story.
We don’t see very often each other, but “strange” that he phoned me today to tell me that he would like to visit me…

As always we had very good chat 😀

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