In some ways it is wrong to say that Miracle-maker does not do miracles for himself…
The miracles for me come through my Belief(Knowledge) that God won’t let me down.
Miracles for me I don’t do intentionally.
They come out of God’s will.

Since I started to work as a carpenter I did never change my profession.
The work that I got for R30 p.h. was contract work and very soon after my family came in South Africa I finished my work in Rovos Rail and I was jobless again.
A friend of mine by name Branko helped me to get low paid job (R2000p.m.) but after two months I left it.
Then I started to work for Swiss Joinery.
It was “one man” company.
A young Swiss man married for South African woman started it and was looking for somebody with experience to help him.
It was 120 square meters work shop with four woodwork machines.
One year later we were in a farm plot 8.4 hectares, which my boss bought, with house and big garage, which we expanded and made to 560 square meters work shop.

I was happy with my boss and he was happy with me.
They knew us as Nick & Nick (his name is Nickolas)
We did never say wrong word to each other… until one day after six ears we had a stupid argument.
I cut two boards for a piece of furniture, and he asked me why I did cut those boards.
“I did never asked you which boards to cut” – I said.
“But those boards are not veneered chipboard. Don’t you see that this is veneered supawood?”
“Yes – I said – But they are leftover from the previous job, and we will never use them for something else. I liked the flowers of the veneer and I used them. Am I wrong!?” – I did not thing that it was wrong.
“Yes – he hit the table with his fist – You ARE WRONG!”
Nothing in me shook.
I was so calm that I could not believe I can handle it that well.
I turned back where my bag was hanged on the wall, took it, turned back to my boss and said:
“I’m living you Nick!”.
He could not believe it, but the pride in him was too big to say something…
My wife could not believe it too.
Nobody could believe that I left Nick.
We were friends (and we still are), not only employer and employee.

“Why!?” – hundred of times my wife asked me.
“I don’t know” – and I still don’t know.
It had to happen. I did not want it. It just happened.
I did not make decision.
I fulfilled it.

That happen two days before Christmas.
“What do we do now?” – my wife was terrified
“Dad knows what is He doing” – is my always answer.
I was sure… I knew that I’ll have new job in not more than two weeks.
I didn’t know how, but I knew it.
After few days my wife asked me did I start to look for job.
I didn’t.
All my friends already knew that I left my job, and one of them called me two days after Christmas.
His friend had very rich brother in law, who needed to furnish his office. I already knew that rich man, because a month ago I had to go and give him quotation from behalf of Swiss Joinery.
He wanted to meet me.
After short conversation, Peter (my new boss name) decided to open carpentry business and put me in charge of it.
On January 2 I started my new job.
Few months later my boss bought seventeen hectares farm with four houses in it, and a year later there was 1000 square meters workshop.
Now I stay in the main house of the farm.
On the border there is a river, which was my always dream.

As you can see, everything is possible.

Man does not believe enough in himself, therefore not everything is possible for man.
But if you believe that God is with you, because you are worthy for Him, God will do it for you.
Nothing is impossible for God.
Believe that.

Your deeds must bring you the belief that you are worthy for God.
Every wrong deed of yours is destroying that belief.
“I’m not worthy – man says – because I did wrong things.”
Before you do something, ask your self: “Would Jesus (or God, who ever He is) do that. Would God approve that?”
This is the only way to build self confidence that you are worthy for God.
If you do that, God will do everything for you.

God never say “NO” if the thing that you ask Him for, is good for you.
Sometimes our wrong understanding make us ask for wrong things.
No parent will give his child something that will destroy his good future.
Your believe in God will teach you to ask for the right things.

The most important thing is to build the right attitude about God.
Put yourself in His hands, and be sure that He will do the best for you.
Know that even if you don’t see it as best, It Is Best.
Always give you gratitude to God for everything that you get in your life – good or “bad”.


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come ↔ To My Self I Return

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18 years ago

Hi there Truden.I just wanted to say that i found that story of yours so familiar that it sent shivers down my spine.The same thing happend to me several years ago-leaving job without even thinking of the conciquences but being so sure that thing will work out.It happened before Xmas, and I started my next job on the 2 january!!!I didn’t look for it-it came to me.I didn’t like it but I feel I had to work there to learn something.Long story…Anyway…Just wanted to say that it was very very similar, but the right word is the same situation and you have somebody that can understand you:)Have a nice day!

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