I shared in person with quite a few people the story about the first miracle happened to me…
It is remarkable that none of them accepted it with joy…
None of them showed that they are glad to meet someone that had word from God.
On the contrary – there was doubt, discomfort, jealousy, hate…
In the beginning that shocked me.
Now I’m use to it.

There was even people to ask me:
“Why would God speak to you, but not to me?”
Some of them went even far worst by accusing me that I’m stating inequality between me and the rest of the world… Kind of: I’m better than you.

Man can accept better than him only in professional or business way, or in something that can be learned, trained or granted by talent.
In spiritual way, which man consider as “none given” and internally possessed, there is no better than “myself”.

If you want to experience miracle you MUST know: there is always one better than you in any possible way!
Know that you know not enough.
Believe that out there, there is one who can teach you how to succeed.

Do not chose your teacher!!!

You choose by your own knowledge and you will choose one like you.
You need better than you.

Be open for the Knowledge.
Do not focus, but do not neglect.
Be like predator walking in the midst of the prey.
When you are hungry you will have the best, not the closest one.

Greed is heaviness of mind and body.


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come ↔ To My Self I Return

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