OK, up to now we have two “rules”, coming after the understanding that Everything is possible.

1) Do not DO.
(Be in the motion without being the motion. Be Observer!)

2) Good attitude about the events in your life.
(Everything – good or “bad” is the best that God prepared for you)

Mentioning the “rules” word I’d like to make it very clear: I don’t follow rules, and I’m against anything that is covered with this word and understanding.

To every rule one guilt is attached and one failure.
Accepting the rule, you accept certain percentage of possibility to fail.

Everything in this world is given in your favor!!!

You have friends – they are in your favor.
You have enemies – they are in your Best favor.
Therefore Love your enemies… and use them best.


Rule N3:
Be free of adherence in this world.


Attaching to love, makes the hatred more sensible in you.
Be empty of love.
Be empty of hate.

Impartiality is the True Way.

The world is moved by EROTAS.
(Erotas is the Greek name for “chosen” love.)

Man chooses who to love.
They say that love is blind, but that is not true.
When you say “I love her/him because…”, in the “because” is the choice.
Sometimes you can not describe “because”, but that does not make it absent.

Do not mistake feelings with emotions.
Do not be afraid of your emotions.
Do not oppress them, but learn to control them.

love is not Love.
Erotas is love that points to one.
Agape is Love pointed to everyone.

Everything in this world is boundary and your feelings are such too.
What you like is not helping you more than what you don’t like.

You like only what you know,
but you know what you have.
What you have now does not help you make miracles,
which comes to show that what you like is useless.
Therefore detach from your knowledge, feelings, “like” and “don’t like”.

Brake the boundaries.

Do not point yourself to anything and you will be Love.

Love is out of rules.
Love does not follow the rules, because Love does not do anything wrong.
Love is the only Freedom.

Coming to this point we can change rule N3 from: “Be free of adherence in this world!”
to: Be Love!


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come ↔ To My Self I Return

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