And how would man survive doing nothing?

Being in the motion we survive by following the motion.
So we do things.
We have to work for our food, and to pay our house or flat.
Is that wrong?
It is very normal thing to do in the world.

There is two ways of doing things.

1-st way (Searching for job):

I don’t have job.
That is VERY bad.
If I don’t find job in two weeks, my family will start to starve.
Why… why this is happening to me!?
Why, God?

(few days later)

I still don’t have work…
I must DO something.
I MUST definitely DO something.
The stress is coming on me.
My wife is stressed too.
Please God… Please help me to find this job!

(two days later)

I’m finished.
No work.
I just don’t see way of finding some work in the next two months…
Oh God, what did I do to deserve this punishment.
Please God, help me.
Don’t leave me in this difficult for me moment.
I promise (some promise)

2-nd way (Searching for job):

I don’t have job.
No problem.
The job is waiting for me.
It is just matter of time to get to it.
We will not die starving.

(few days later)

Still no job.
Well, it is still there waiting for me.
God will not leave me alone in this situation.
He knows what is best for me.
Thank you God for giving me this wonderful experience.
I won’t let You down.

(two days later)

Well… I’m a bit late, but I’ll get to the job which is waiting for me.
Any way, it is great fun walking around, meeting people, facing opportunities…
I know that I’ll get work, but even if I don’t, it is because God prepared something else for me, which is best for me and my family.
Thank You, God, for everything that You do for me.
Thank You.


As we can see two different attitudes are in two opposite poles.
The first one is creating MOTION, in which the mind waves in the up and (mostly) down of the emotions, which are focusing in the material problem.

The second way of behaving shows nothing but peaceful mind, which no mater of the situation stays in rest.
The material problem does not affect the state of the sole, which is Peace, Faith, Love.

There is third way, which is the worst, and which says:
Get lost with your spiritual crap.
If I don’t help myself, God won’t get down to help me.

When I moved to South Africa, I already had strong believe in That Thing, which I felt (and still feel) uncomfortable to give name, but I knew that It exist.
I left Bulgaria alone (we had money only for one ticket), with $700 in my pocket.
On the second day five robbers tried to rob me on the street.
All my money were with me, and the time for decision was short. I decided not to give the robbers my family future, which was (kind of) in my pocket.
I fought with five men, and menage to escape with my money.

After this fight I decided to move from Johannesburg to Pretoria which was much safer place at that time.
Two weeks later I was on the train station waiting for my train.
I like to be alone.
I was siting and watching the people around.
As I stand up and moved to the downstairs, a noble looking old black man approached me and saluted me:
“Good afternoon Mister Bulgaria. Do you know where is platform twelve?” – he looked at me with his warm soft eyes.
My English that time was few words, but his words I heard and understood very clearly.
I looked downstairs and right in front of us was the board showing that his platform is on the right and mine on the left-hand side.
I showed him the board and we walked down together.
I turned left, he turned right.
Only after I stopped and put my luggage down his greeting came to me.
“Mister Bulgaria” shook my mind.
I turned back looking for the old man.
There were few people on his platform, but the old nobel man was not there.
I checked my luggage to see whether there was something showing that I come from Bulgaria.
May be there was some label left from the airport…
There was no label on my luggage.
I was thinking about that incident for few days and finally came to the solution that I heard him wrong.
I did even forget (and I’m still not sure) whether he asked me for platform twelve… or nine… or four…
But one think I could never explain: how that old man disappeared in few seconds from the platform of his train.

Four months I did straggle, looking for job which would help me to buy my family air plain tickets.
On the fifth month I found work.
I had to menage five small take-away food shops.
On the end of the month I received my first salary in South Africa – R1000 ($250) for one month work
On the end of the second month when my employer gave me the second salary I told him:
“Sir, I’m here, but my family is in Bulgaria. With the salary that you give me for thirteen hours per day – six days a week, I’ll never buy tickets for them”
My boss looked at me, took out of his pocket another R200 and put them in my hand.
I put them in my pocket and stretched my right hand to him.
He took it in his right hand expecting my appreciation.
“Thank you for being so good to me for this two months Mister Dimitris, but I’ll better go look for another job” – I slightly bowed my head down.
He was surprised:
“But how will you find work? You know how difficult is now to find it. First find work and then leave”.
I knew very well that I’ll never find work if I don’t leave now.
And I left.

One week later I was working as carpenter for R30 p.h.
Two months later my family was with me in South Africa.

All that time I did never think that God will leave me on my own.
I always knew that everything will be best for me and my family.

Even after we were together we had many difficult moments, but I was always sure in the happy-end, and it was always happy…

Our family will never forget the day when we were siting around the table counting the copper cents for one bread.
It was in the evening, and we did not have bread for diner.
Outside was already dark. The shop was working until 21:00h and I was counting the cents hoping to get bread before the shop closes.

There was silence in the room.
Only the cents dropping in the cellophane cover that I took off the cigarette packet was braking it.
When I finished we all laughed.
“Only two cents short…” – I think that I sounded untroubled
“We must have two cents in the whole flat” – as always my daughter Nadejda (Hope) showed that she deserves her name.
We all knew that the cents I was counting, are found after searching the flat.
There was no more money in the apartment.

Somebody knocked at the door.
A friend of our – South African woman, came in with big smile on her face and big packet in her hands.
“Guess what..” – she said, like she did win in the casino.
…Yes… She did win…
Then she went to buy fabric for the costume that she always wanted to have, and here she comes to my wife (she use to be dressmaker) to make the costume for her.
“And because you may need some money, I brought R200 for deposit” – she put the money on the table and I can not say who was happier in that moment – we or she.


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come ↔ To My Self I Return

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