I started to write these stories in an Internet Forum.
The title of the thread there is “My Way to the Miracles”


I’ll tell you the stories about Real miracles happened to me, and performed through me.
(I don’t do miracles)

I did listen to many “miraculous” stories how somebody wanted to become rich… and MADE it happened.
In that sense the world is full of miracle-makers…

To the sucker that say “believe” AND YOU WILL MAKE IT, I remind the water-walker…
Man tends to call “miracle” the achievement of his most greedy desires.
Most of the miracle-teachers today teach you to make the miracle which will bring you success and money.

“I can not do the miracle for you, – they say – You must do it for yourself!”

Why Jesus didn’t do one even miracle for Himself!? – I ask the suckers.

…But the topic is about the miracles that I have in my life…

Well, telling you the stories from my childhood and the time when God and all spiritual “blah-blah” wasn’t in my life, I want to show you, that nothing in your life is accidentally.
If you want to understand how the miracle works, you must recapitulate all your life and see whether there was moments which point you to the chance you to be able to experience miracles.
I say to “experience”, not to MAKE it!!!

MAKING is what creates this world of ignorance.
Man does things and create the ignorance called LIFE.

What is created, will perish! – therefore do not CREATE.
Be That thing, which experience the creation, because only It is the True One.
Every wave is created by motion.
That thing is Rest.
How can man DO Rest.
It is not to be done.
It Is.

First “rule”:
If you want to experience miracle, do not DO motion.
Be observer!

It is very simple – the act is created as motion in your mind.
When desire gets birth in your mind, motion is created.
Motion is not material manifestation.
Without conscious observer, motion does not exist.
When you learn to observe the motion without being part of it, then you will be able to enjoy it in full.
That is the real Joy of life – to make it look like game (or like movie), which you enjoy to watch.

Today I’ll be brief.
Next time the story will be more interesting.

P.S. In this topic you will not find the sweet milk sold by the suckers.
If you don’t have teeth don’t stop by me.


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come ↔ To My Self I Return

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