It would be a good think to write something about normal sexuality, after I wrote a small article about the homosexuality.
Almost all of the modern so called enlightened people are putting sexuality as a very, very important but neglected until now subject.
How would an enlighten man miss such a pleasant subject…

I’d like to tell you a story.

Few ears ago a group a friends of mine used to come very often to my place.
We were chatting, discussing and some time (not very often) meditating.
One night a friend came just after we started the meditation.
We had to stop and start it again with him.
A friend from the group turned to me:
“I don’t know what is happening today, but a disturbing itch was holding my attention and I did not know what to do. “

I laughed: “You should scratch.”

It is the same with the sexual desire: scratch yourself when you feel the itch.
That applies not to the sexual desire only.
Our entire life is “itch” and “scratch”.
The more you thing and talk about the itch, the more attracted you get by it, and the more present it is in your life.

Should we talk more about sexuality!?
And should we make it more vivid in our life?

You do probably know that the living creatures have two essences in the life – bodily and spiritually.
The body ends up here in the material world.
The spirit (the soul) must not end up here, but find the way to There.

Material attractions help and serve the body.
Spiritual attractions help and serve the Soul.

The modern spiritual “teachers” tend to mix these two attractions, saying that there is nothing wrong to follow the spiritual path with your material attractions.
“Feel the Joy!” – they say.

Well, if you feel the material joy you are missing the spiritual one, or at least you are confusing yourself, equalizing material with spiritual joy.

You think that I’m wrong?
You think what you were taught to think.

Do you know what sin is?
Sin is everything that stays between you and God.
Every material attraction is sin.
The body is the sin that we are born with.

Then shall we reject the material life and live ascetic life?
Surely not, but do not mix the path of the body with the path of the Soul.

It is so simple: if you want to fly, you buy airplane thicket, if you want to make sex, you buy condoms and (eventually) Viagra.
You prepare yourself for these two things in two different ways.
So are the material and the spiritual preparations.


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come, To My Self I Return

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