I am not a racist.
And I will never be.
It is not in my nature.

Eleven years ago I moved from Bulgaria to South Africa.
Here they say that the difference between racist and tourist is one week.

Well let’s talk racism.

What makes people to be racists? – The differences of course.
Some CLEVER people say that humans are not different in any way.
I say – humans are different in all the ways:
Intellectual, cultural, moral, mental, political, social, physical…
There is no such a thing like sameness.
(I use to say that we are the same in our differences)

Humans brought equality as a balance for the lack of sameness.
If we all are the same we won’t need equality.

You still insist that there are no differences between two races?
Show me:
– one black mathematician
– one black chess world champion
– one yellow rally or formula 1 champion
– one yellow or black swimming champion

I can not give an example with red race.
Whites almost extinguished them.

Show me:
– one race that is greedier than the white race
– one race that is more cunning than the white race
– one race that is more vicious than the white race
– one race that have led more wars then the white race
– one race that have killed more people than the white race

Do you see the differences?

You could still not agree with me and that is proof for a difference.

When we say “racist” we think of white man.
All the races are racists.
And here is the place to say that whites are less racists than all the rest.
Whites see the difference and act led by it.
Showing superiority is not racism.
We show superiority within the race and nobody call it racism.
We call it social level, intellectual level, material level…
When it comes to apply intellectual level between two races we call it racism.
“How can one say that white race is more intellectual than the black!?” – we hear all the time.

Well, we don’t have to look so hard for the facts.
Take a look at Africa and Europe.
Even when blacks are moved and socialized with whites, they still show far low percentage in intellectual results.
You would say that this is because of the racism, which do not give blacks the opportunity to prove themselves.
That is also not true.
We can see blacks with very good results in entertainment industry, in the sport, in … some other fields of our life, but not in science, politics, social leadership and some other fields of our life…

Why is that?
It is because of our difference.

Here is the thin ridge: being different does not make any of the races better than the other.
What is better?
Intellectual level does not make you superior.
Physical strength does not make you superior.
Moral values are changeable and do not make you superior.
Culture is way of life and does not make you superior.

Superior is what your race defined as “superior”.
If you apply your definitions and values to other races you are worst than them.

So, where is the racism which we must discus!?

Oh, yes – racism is when white does not like black.
If white does not like other white it is not racism.
Where is the logic?

Racism is when one white does not like all the blacks.
That’s not racism, my friends – that is stupidity or you may call it ignorance.
That ignorance applies not to the racist only, but to the affected side as well.

Racism exists and is “supported” by two sides: racist -> victim.
Racism will exist until you see it and act as a part in racist interrelation.
The more you bring out the racism subject in the community’s life, the more alive it is.

Blacks may not agree that their intellectual level is lower than the whites one, yellow people may not agree that they are bad drivers, white people may not agree that they are more cunning than the rest, but that does not change the facts.
Just accept your differences and deal with them in favor of the world’s community.
Let white do the intellectual work, blacks – the entertaining, yellow the technology work, red – … they are almost extinguished by whites, live them alone and help them breed…
If we accept this, the world will flourish.

If you mix and change the places, the world will suffer.

In South Africa the blacks got in power.
The first thing to do was to rename the cities.
Do you know the new name of Pretoria?
It is Tswane – add it in your map and dictionary.
The other thing that was done by the black South African government was to issue the affirmative action law, which discriminates white in all social fields of the life.
When white compete for a social or work position, he is not eligible by his knowledge and skills but by percentage…
If white man hits white man it is offense, but if white hits black it is racism.
Now this is the way to discriminate white people – apply racism to all their actions and behavior.

Who is racist?

Blacks say that whites are racists.
Whites say that they don’t mind blacks as long as they don’t do crime.
(Whites are afraid to mention the intellectual differences, and here they are already affected by the racism – freedom of speech is taken away and fear is ruling the life)

In Bulgaria we don’t have blacks but we still have crime.
It is normal crime to come from the poor people in the society.
Most blacks are poor and most crime comes from them.
But the BIG organized crime in the world comes from white people.
If there are white people who are proud that their intellectual level is better and is allowing them to organize the crime, then it is proof that whites can also be stupid.
Well, our history proved it.

So, who is racist and where is the racism?

Moses was traveling forty years in circles in the desert before to take His people to the Promised Land.
Do you know why?
He waited all people that remember the slavery to die.
That is the only way to give freedom to the people.
No one is free until slavery is remembered.


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come, To My Self I Return

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17 years ago

there are different kinds of intelligence (verbal, spatial, emotional etc) and these are found in different strengths across the cultures and races.

one could argue the so-called intellect of the white man is actually stupid as it has led to a premature ageing of the planets eco-system. that the white mans emotional intelligence is low as he has not the compassion or empathy to understand his evils. that the white man has low spatial intelligence as he has trouble dancing in time or moving with grace…

they say that the concepts of race and religion cannot be argued rationally… what do you think ?

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