If you are on the home page of this weblog, you will see at the very bottom of it the parable about Stupidity and Wisdom.

What does this parable say?
It says one only thing: you can not teach anybody.
(Every human is convinced and locked in his/her own knowledge.)
In order to teach, there must be understanding on the other side.
If there is understanding then there is the same knowledge.
If there is the same knowledge, then you don’t teach, but just remind the knowledge that the other side already has.
So, there is no such thing as teaching.

One can not give knowledge.
You can give information about the subject, which information to be used for achieving something.
One can achieve many things, but one thing is not achievable: The Self.
How can you achieve something that you already are?
And this is the only thing that you can not lose – your Self.

One can not give knowledge.
I’ll use thousands of words to explain the taste of an unknown fruit, but I can not give you the knowledge about the taste.
The knowledge will come only when the taste becomes part of you.
And the taste becomes part of you through the interrelation you –> fruit.
You would say that the taste is something that you achieve, but that is not true: how would you know something about the taste itself if you’ve never had it in you!?
So, the real knowledge is always there as part of you. Sometimes it is hidden behind the memory, but it is still there as part of Your Self.

Information is not Knowledge!
Stupidity can have all the information, but that will never make her wise.

My parrot knows so many words and can relate them to the right subject, but it is only parrot…
However, it is funny when the parrot uses your words on you 🙂


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come, To My Self I Return

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