Today I was looking at my weblog with the eye of the developer and the philosopher.
I don’t think of myself as neither of them, but I have to be developer (don’t have money to pay for one), and most of the people take my knowledge as philosophy.

So, from these two points of view, I saw the anti-logic of humans life.

There was time when the word had value, but no price (! priceless), and all the rest was for money.
Today the word has no value but is sold for money, and things that should cost money are given for free.

How it comes!?

Look at my weblog system, developed by WordPress.
And it comes from the source.
If the source is clean and beautiful, all the rest is the same.
Why these developers are giving such a beauty for free!?
Well, don’t forget that they are the source of the source…
It is their beautiful souls that are expressed in the source code of WordPress.
How can they put price on a priceless light!?
Then let the light spread it self. That is the only way to clean the darkness.

What – you don’t believe in their gratuitous intention?
I’ve heard that there are organizations that are paying to be developed free software.
It is logical to think that the better the communications are the better the market is.
So, what do you believe?
I believe in the beauty of the soul that created such a beautiful free of charge software.
You better believe it too.

And here we come with the WordPress philosophy:

Now let’s take a look at the WORD sellers (spiritual authors)…
What is their logic and intent?


Most of the authors today do forget the fact that they are not valuable unless they are profitable for the publishing houses.

The authors should remember the fact that their words are not their property once sold to the publisher.
They should remember that the value of their words is not real, but it’s increased by the advertising power of the publisher.
The authors should know that culture is fashion – the public is driven by it and the publishers are following it.
Crowd is driven by its dream and desire.
Publishers are making money by fulfilling those two on paper.
Authors are nothing but cooks, working for reach masters.

If the above statement makes you to feel pathetic, let it go as it came.
Pride is worst and should make you feel even more pathetic.
You have already sold yourself – that’s what a call PATHETIC.

Few years ago I wrote a letter to three authors, asking them for the permission to publish free digital copies of their books in Truden Web Site.
Only one of them answered with the excuse that he has no ownership over his writings, and advised me to talk to his publisher.

The other two authors did not even bother to answer.
Even more PATHETIC…

As I come to the end of this article I’d like to invite all spiritual “searchers”:
Take a free copy of WordPress and say few free words to the world.
Let the suckers sell themselves.
You are priceless!


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come, To My Self I Return

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