Now, let’s be more specific about the ways mind manipulation is taking place.

No one can control my will!

Did you say that!?
I agree.
But mind manipulation is not intended to control the will.
It must give you your will.

will = desire

Mind manipulation does not use hypnosis techniques.
It uses psychological points of weakness.

People act out of desires, feelings and emotions.
Do you want them to do something, or to be something?
Form their desires, feelings and emotions, and they will do everything that you put in that “trinity formation”.

How do we form “the trinity”?
With words and symbols.

Use the words!

put to death
put down
put to sleep

A human can find comfort in killing if you use the appropriate manipulative word.
Use the word.

When you listen to the news you hear that so many “soldiers have lost their life in the operations in (somewhere).
This is very fine manipulation.
The soldiers weren’t killed, because the enemy is not that powerful to kill us.
We are sacrificing our life and are loosing our life in the battle for Freedom and Democracy.
It is not war (we don’t do wars), but operation, battle, liberation…

“Collateral damage” is not massacre!
Killing civilians in “army operation” is not INTENTIONAL result.
It is expected but not intentional…

Very fine manipulation!!!
Use the words.

I’m not English speaking, but to me the “unintentional result” phrase is empty of logic and full of manipulation.
A result can not be unintentional!
Every action is intended to end up in result, therefore the result is intentional.
It could be unexpected, but that does not make it unintentional.

OK, you can substitute the words to manipulate.
The “unintentional” word takes off the responsibility from you.
The “unexpected” word makes you more responsible – you had to be careful and expect everything!

Well, how the above examples help us to form the desires, feelings and emotions?
I did not come to that point yet.

Let me first tell you how do I manipulate people.

Yes, I do manipulate people, and you do it too.
Our interrelations are nothing but “inter-manipulations”.
When you meet a person, you want that person to see you in a certain light (aspect, image).
You are trying to form the best image about yourself in the other person’s mind.
You show your best.
You are careful.
You are …manipulative.
Why do you do that?
Do you want the other person to do something specific for you?
May be you want to bring that person to your best values and make him/her accept them?
Or may be it is just the duplicity that shows up in the interrelation…?
Any way… It does not matter. What matters is that you want the other person to like you.

That is not the case with me.
On the contrary – I show myself in a way not to be liked.
I’ll answer this question in one of the next articles.

What did you say!?
Oh… you don’t like me any way.
That is the way I want it to be.
You like me?
Would you still like me if I say that you don’t deserve to like me.
You don’t deserve to love me.
You don’t deserve to be next to me.

Yes, you can manipulate people even after you tell them that you are manipulating them.
Just pull the right string.

Now, how do we use the words to control the “trinity formation”?

It does not matter what desires have a person.
We don’t rely on that.
We need person that is capable of having desires.
We will give the desire.
We will give the feelings.
We will give the emotions.
When we give all that, the person will have its own will, which is actually the result of our manipulation.

This is the perfect control.
No one can convince a person that he/she is manipulated.
That person will always say: “I know that it is my own will”.
We call it the truth of the shallow logic.

It is very easy to control person with mind manipulation.
It is thousands of times easier to control crowd.
Crowd is mixture of desires, feelings and emotions.
The more desires, feelings and emotions you work with, the easier is the manipulation.

So, a manipulation is much easier when we have more of anything in the “trinity formation”.
We just have to fill it up.

Now let’s go back to the equalization of the meanings, which I started in the first article.
Why do we need to equalize meanings?
To change the values of course.
How do we do that?
By substitution of the words.

We take “faithful” and “loyal”.
“Faithful” implies love, self-sacrificing, devotion.
“Loyal” implies obligation not to betray.
The “faithful” word has big value, but we don’t want you to have big values in yourself.
You can be faithful to your parents, wife, friends, children, but how can we ask you to be faithful to your employer.
We don’t want to ask you that.
To your employer you can be loyal.
What we want, is to make you loyal to your family and friends.
That’s right – be loyal.
Forget about faithfulness!
Just be loyal.
That bring us close enough to the height, where your family and friends stay.
Be loyal!
You will be loyal.
We just have to make this word more vivid in your life.

Then we go to “country” and “state”.
We must equalize this meanings.
The state must serve the people.
The people must serve their country.
After we equalize the meanings, the people will serve their state.
We’ll just make that words a little misty, a little diluted and the meanings will join in one – obligation to serve.

Ah, we can substitute every word and bring the right meaning.
The crowd has no choice.
We have the media and the entertainment.
We have it all.

to be continued…


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come, To My Self I Return

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