Last few weeks I was visiting Andy’s web site for the wonderful forum-plugin he made for Word Press.
There I read the article The Comedy And The Tragedy Of The USA, which reminded me for a discussion I had with friends in Truden Web Site

What is mind manipulation and how wide it is used for gaining control over the masses?

We must clearly separate manipulation from mind manipulation.
“Manipulation” word (and meaning) applies to any personal manipulation in order to control personal behavior.
“Mind manipulation” applies to technique which achieves control over personal (or mass) behavior by making the person voluntarily do what we want to be done. Even more than that; good mind manipulation is when you make the person to want (to have the desire) to do what you want him/her to do.
How can we do that?

I want you to want!

The base of the manipulation is “I WANT”.
There are human properties.
The only thing we need from that properties is “I WANT”.
That is the very first and base human essence, which means

mind manipulation works on every single human

When talking about mind manipulation, most people agree that there is such a thing and that it is widely used, but also most of the people don’t put themselves in the manipulated mass.
I’m sorry to say it, but you, the very one who reads this article are manipulated from the first day of your life.
You are still manipulated and you can not do anything to go out of it.

How it comes?

If you are intelligent enough, you’ll know that you are intellectual creation of your parents, your surrounding, your school, your university, etc.
Once you go in the life on your own the manipulation goes harder on you.

What do you WANT?
You want freedom.
No problem – we are country of democracy and freedom we offer you.
You have it.
What else do you want?
It goes with the democracy.
What else…?
OK, we gave you the base that you need.
Now perhaps you want good life?
You want to have food and entertainments.
Of course you do.
You have it.
If you still don’t have it you will have it one day.
At least we provided the base for you to have it.
We are country based on equality, freedom and peace.
Therefor LOVE your country.

That is the base manipulation.

Why do I say that it is manipulation?
Because it is manipulation.

What “country” means?
Country is the homeland where you are born and the people you grew with.
Country is not the government, the law and the institutions.
Country is not the state.
The state is the thing which you empowered to rule you.
It sounds a little paradoxical, but that is mind manipulation effect – the servant empowers the master.

So, the second stage of the manipulation is to equalize “country” with “state”.
Note that this equalization is very, very powerful manipulation – although you may not like the government that rules the state, you tend to apply your national pride on your national rulers.
You are proud of your nationality and your government finds place in your pride automatically, because the government is which leads the country (actually, the state)

Equalization of meanings is powerful manipulation.
country = state
faithfulness = loyalty
freedom = power
power = army
army = liberation
liberation = war

Do you see?
(I gave you different types of equalization and wee will see them in the next articles)

Well, if the war is manipulative result, what is the benefit for the manipulator? – would ask some of you.
The answer is simple: power, control, money.

to be continued…


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come, To My Self I Return

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16 years ago

Yes – this is how it is – but I don’t think it is, perhaps in most cases, intentional. It is a by-product. Yes – in your home country when you were young it was very intentional. But in a western style democracy I think that it is, on the whole, an unintentional yet inevitable by-product. America takes this another stage further by elevating the sin of being ‘unAmerican’. Here in England, we have no such definition…

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