I was having interesting chat with friends of the book “Conversation with God”.
I saw how people are confused in there understanding about God.

What is God?

God is not the source of all things.
And The Source is not God.
The Source is the Thing which gives life to God(s) and matter.
The Source has no personality.
It does not have Knowledge.
The Source has one only thing: “I Exist”.
It is the thing which gives life, but knows nothing about Life.
Like the spring which does not know about the river.
The Source is everything but knows nothing about anything.
The Source does not CREATE.
Creation is done by will.
The Source has no will.

It is the Essence of The Source to have the radiance which is also called The Dream.
We cold say that The Source is Two – purity (I Exist) and radiance (Dream)

Here the human logic stumbles, trying to think of The Source as for an object.
I say “Source” and “radiance” and you try to imagine radiating object.

Let’s make it easier.
Think of boundless light and drop of water suspended in that light.
These two are the One Source: the light is The Purity; the drop of water is the Dream.
The drop has no life without the light and the light has no life without the drop.
They need each other in order to become visible, which visibility is called life.

These two are also called the male and the female parts of The Source.
Those two parts are in continuous interrelation.
“I Exist” fills up The Dream and makes it motional and aware of its own existence.
“I Exist” as an essence is eternal, but in the drop it turns in to awareness of existence.
That awareness of existence tries to keep itself “alive” in the drop, by creating “serving” motion.
The period of awareness of existence is called “material life”.

God is pure light which come from itself, pass trough the watery abyss and returns in to itself.
The difference between The Source and God is that God has personality and Knowledge which is more than I Exist.
That Knowledge is “collected” in the interrelation between the light and the drop.
It is the knowledge that creates the understanding of I Am.

God is “I Am”.
“I Am” implies Knowledge about the Whole: Where I come from, what I am, how did I get alive, where do I go…
“I Am” knows what the dream is and what the purity is.
“I Am” is the thing that gives real life to both purity and dream.
If God does not exist to observe the dream (also called “The Universe”), the universe will not have its real life. (It will be existence without knowledge, and without even awareness for existence)
When The First God was self-born then the Universe became conscious about its own existence.

That First God is also called The God of All Gods and one of His first names on the Earth is Anu (An).
Although He made the universe alive (conscious about itself), He did not create it.
He just consciously observed it, which brought conscious life in it.
(Conscious observation is what makes the material alive and present. If there is no consciousness to observe the material, it won’t exist)

And now, let’s clarify:

The Source is not God.
Neither The Source nor God has created something.
God is self-born personality in the Pure Light.
The Source is Pure Light with Dream in it, which dream is also called “The Watery Abyss” or “The Universe”


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come, To My Self I Return

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