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  • Bertrand Russell – how knowledge is created, who creates it, and where logic stays in it

    Bertrand Russell – how knowledge is created, who creates it, and where logic stays in it

    “Can human beings know anything, and if so, what and how? This question is really the most essentially philosophical of all questions.” – Bertrand Russell Not being offensive to Bertrand Russell’s logic I’d like to mark his question as illogical. Such question should not be uttered if it puts in doubt the ability to know, assuming […]

  • Awareness beforehand

    Awareness beforehand

    The Concept An existence is claimed only after observation. Contrary to all philosophical claims and dictionary definitions, Existence is state of presence in an observation. The mind changes the concept by applying “existence” to the object, forgetting that the “existence” derived from (and actually is) awareness about presence. Awareness is needed in order to make […]

  • 50/50 (Clarification for Dummies)

    The main problem in understanding the concept “Awareness beforehand” is: the mind do not pay attention to the fact that it works with meanings and concepts created after the observation. Once an existence was registered in observation the “existence” concept was created and from then on the mind applies the existence to an object. That […]

  • 50/50 (Point of Exit)

    The closing of topic 50/50 in Rational Responders – – – POINT OF EXIT We are at the point of exit which comes with the end of the arguments. I can expect more discussions on my statement, but there is no way to refute it. Until you prove me wrong atheists don’t have the right […]

  • 50/50 (Part Three)

    Remember what I said? – The Spirit has one only property, the capability to observe. Of course it has self-awareness (I exist). Through observation the spirit creates knowledge: “I observe one object, and there is one more and they are moving closer to each other”. The knowledge “there is other existence except my existence” is […]

  • 50/50 (Part Two)

    When I was in high school I got two points lower mark on physics test for saying that a dual particle (wave/matter) can not behave as wave if it is observed as particle. Today’s quantum physics question it the way I did. In my opening of this topic I did not want to mention the […]