The main problem in understanding the concept “Awareness beforehand” is:
the mind do not pay attention to the fact that it works with meanings and concepts created after the observation.

Once an existence was registered in observation the “existence” concept was created and from then on the mind applies the existence to an object.
That is wrong. The mind forgets that the existence applies to its own awareness and actually is observed presence, after which it became knowledge about presence.
Hence the concept of existence.

In other words existence is a mind awareness for a presence, or to make it even simpler, existence is a presence in the mind.
After the concept is created we apply it to objects and that makes it mind deceiving.
Mind starts to think of existence as something out of its awareness.

To see “existence” in its true nature we must go back and see it as a concept created by the awareness.
Existence applies to the awareness not to the object.

Now after repeating it few times I hope most dummies will get closer to the concept “Awareness beforehand” 😀

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