awareness before hand

awareness before hand

The Concept

An existence is claimed only after observation.
Contrary to all philosophical claims and dictionary definitions, Existence is state of presence in an observation.
The mind changes the concept by applying “existence” to the object, forgetting that the “existence” derived from (and actually is) awareness about presence.
Awareness is needed in order to make the existence valid.


We work with “existence” more like a meaning (concept), but after it was created by the conscious mind, the mind deceivingly is applying it to the object.
Actually, it is the other way round – the existence is applicable to the mind.

We wouldn’t talk about existence if we never observed it.
If we only have self_awareness without any other knowledge, existence is impossible as a concept (meaning, knowledge).

Because any existence is observed through our five senses we can say that all things are already known to us through the concepts created through observation.

Details in 50/50 (Part One) throughout Part Two, Part Three, Point of Exit and Clarification for dummies as well as the first comment in this topic


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come, To My Self I Return

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16 years ago

Very interesting! I understand it in different words but the same thing… Let me try to explain how I see it… I am not saying that I am right or wrong… Just MY understanding…

In the beginning we were all one sharing one consciousness and one mind.

Imagine that we were one big bucket of water. As one we decided to multiply our experiences because we had limited experiences as one being with one mind and one consciousness. We then exploded into a billion different pieces (or droplets of water) all with it’s own mind, consciousness, thoughts and personalities. Our goal is now to experience as much as possible because when all of this end and our little droplets of water get added to the bucket of water we will again share one consciousness and one mind. (When your droplet of water gets added to the bucket of water you will become the bucket of water!) But we will also share in all the different experiences that all of us as individuals have experienced.

To simplify it… imagine that you and I merge into one soul (one drop). We wont be 2 minds sharing one consciousness. We will become one mind, one consciousness and one thought. You will think that you are the one and I will feel like I am the one because our energies merged together to make one. You will inherit all my experiences as your own and I will inherit all yours. I will become you and you will become me. We will be one!

Now imagine this happening on a large scale…

Every single living/conscious being will merge into one… all sharing in one collective consciousness. If you can understand this you will then also understand that we cannot judge anything as good or bad because it’s all you… Loving other living beings is loving yourself!

When you really understand the above life as you know it will change. You will realize that you are not here searching for anything… you are here to experience as much as possible… Just enjoy the ride….

“As the wave is part of the sea
and the sea is all of the wave
So I am part of God
And God is all of me…”

We (Creation) are All (God) in this together
We (God) are in All this (Creation) together

16 years ago

Thanks… Means alot…

I am in Cape town… so when you are ever down here give me a shout.

15 years ago

Hello, Truden!

I once wrote that we perceive and process information with a delay, no matter how big it is. In my opinion, this is one simple and beautiful hint (at least) that the reality, the world is different from what we think we perceive (and from what we have processed)! The next question is: How different?

I like your thoughts!
All the best wishes from Rousse, Bulgaria! 🙂

15 years ago

the world is different from what we think we perceive (and from what we have processed)! The next question is: How different?

Hi, Ka 🙂
We could ask “how different” only if we have real value.
But in a dream there is only interpreted value.
For us the Universe is a mind image.
Mind images appear as a mind self interference (like the dream).
REAL is only the Mind.

Thanks for the greetings.
I love Rousse and I visit my brother in law there, every time I come to Bulgaria.
Warm hugs for you from sunny Africa 🙂

15 years ago

Yes. When I wrote this for the first time, I wrote something like “can we ask / do we dare to ask…” 🙂 People’s first reaction is to ask ‘how different’ and this is OK, provided they understand what they really ask, if there is logical “look-around”. Well, we obviously can ask, but we are most likely to fool ourselves, since we would ‘measure’ differences in the mind image.

I guess it is hot in Africa? I have different preferences and was just thinking about Norway or maybe Finland as great places to work and spend the summer, since I prefer cooler weather.

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