Have you ever thought why the new age spiritual authors are so popular?
How spiritual books become bestsellers?

I’ll tell you how.
It is because they tell you exactly what you want to hear.

A sucker that knows nothing but the taste of the milk comes to tell you that “You have always been, you are now and you will always be.”

Wow, we all are gods.

A sucker that knows nothing but the taste of the milk and the softness of the pillow comes to tell you that “The same spirit that rose Jesus from the dead lives in each of us and all of us.”
And you will quote it as a truth.

What about the other way round: “The same spirit that put Jesus on the cross lives in each of us and all of us.”
Did you ever think why the sucker did not put it that way?
It is simple, my friends: you won’t buy such a book.

Yah, well, let the suckers write and make their money…

I would also say that, but what about the girl that made that words her belief.
What if that belief turns so skew and twisted that one day you hear: “I don’t operate based on guilt or shame.” (see it in the above link)
Not that you only hear it, but you can sharply feel it.

Is that the freedom which man must have!?

To give diluted values is all that sucker can give.
And don’t start with the spiritual “blah-blah” that the values are nothing but established rules. I know it very well, but it does not fit in the context of this writing.

You drive your car while talking on the cell phone.
You hit a child and you kill it.
No guilt, no shame.

You say to your mother “fuck off”.
No guilt, no shame.

You tell some one the same, and no guilt, no shame.

When God comes, He does it in man’s body.
What ever you say to the man on the street and what ever you do to him is done to God who might reside in him. And again – no guilt, no shame. Probably because God will forgive us and we can do all the sins.
Oh, sorry, there is no such thing as sin, according to the suckers writings.
Therefore it is not sin to even crucify God.

It is quite a freedom we get here, eh?
It is the freedom not to see our weakness and feel comfortable the way we are.
We are all the same, eh?
I’m like the murderer and he is like Jesus.

I know that some very CLEVER guys will start to explain how wrong I understand all this.
Don’t explain it to me.
Go explain it to those that get it that way.
Go explain it to the suckers who write it the way to be understood wrong way.

Do you feel offended by my language?
If you do feel so, that is because you feel in yourself the weakness that I’m talking about: the weakness of the sucker.

Don’t feel offended, my friend.
I was sucker too.


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come, To My Self I Return

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