Black on White

There are so many WordPress themes out there, but none of them satisfies my taste.
So, I decided to do it myself.
Yesterday I did it.
Here it is “Black on White” based on Luka’s “Internet Corporation” theme.
It is Widgets Ready and I think that it looks cool (for first try)

Download the theme if you like it.

If you want to change the rose (which I’ll very much appreciate), made yourself nice image and put it on my image place.
You can adjust the height for this div by changing it in style.css / #intro

Have a nice blogging!

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16 years ago

Je viens de traduire votre beau thème en français :


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16 years ago

OK, I have also updated the french version.
Have you tried to display a flea list (“liste à puce” en français) with your theme ? I think that there is something missing for that in the CSS.

16 years ago

In style.css change:
ul {list-style: none;}
ul {list-style: yes;}

See it in the newly launched (side menu), which uses the same theme.
They just phoned me with the same question 😀


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