I’m glad I started to go more often on Facebook.
I meet there some interesting people who make my life even more enjoyable.

Today I stumbled in to an interesting book with a colorful name “Soul Graffiti” by Mark A. Scandrette

There is interesting conversation in the beginning of CHAPTER 5: DARKNESS AND LIGHT: THE SCANDAL OF ETERNITY.
It is chat about God. Although some of the personalities in the conversation sound rough or even ignorant, I’d say that these people are the best motors of humanity and human spiritual and cultural elevation.

A person is never a problem.
The problem comes from the personal ignorance put in the crowd and accepted as an idea to follow.

When a saint say “Jesus died because of humans sin”, the weak man hears “Jesus died for our sin” and the crowd which sees no power in itself to resist the sin, elevates a Saviour, not an example to follow through which the salvation comes.
The crowd doesn’t need a path. It needs a hope.
Then the greedy monsters made the crowd to accept the sin in order to accept the Saviour who comes ONLY through the rules of the church.

The problem is not in the person.
The problem is in the personalized need of the crowd to be saved.
The hope that I (the crowd) have a God who will save me no mater of my personal sin.
Just accept the sin and the Saviour.

There is no escape unless the cattle runs out of the herd.
There is precipice on the end.

God is the most personal thing in humans life.
If you have it, He is the One Who was born with you.
If you don’t have it, He is the One Who will die with you.
He is always present in one of the ends.
And for the present He is your life and you are His Life.

Get out of the herd.
Astray is the way to find.


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come, To My Self I Return

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