Today I’ve stumbled into Deepak Chopra’s article “Religion’s Greatest Enemy?”.
I have already stated in one of my articles that God’s greatest enemy is the religious crowd.
Now, Deepak’s question depends on how do you define “Religion”.

If “Religion” is “crowd’s belief about God” then the only enemy is the crowd.
If “Religion” is “Truth about God” then Religion has no enemies. It is simply ignorance not aware of The Religion.

Well, humans twisted the meaning of “Religion”, changing it from “Truth about God” to “Belief about God”.
An average intellect will see the difference, but the crowd is always below the average.
The leaders too.
Well, most of them.
The rest are average.
But God is not for the average…
If He was, then the average wouldn’t need law for not insulting parents, for not killing people, for washing your hands, for having day about God (one only day(!) ), for loving your neighbor, for not killing your children…
Why do you think the average had to have those laws?
To stop them from doing all this of course.

The law comes after the sin.
If the average doesn’t kill, no law about killing will be issued.

So, God is not for the average.

By the way, should I not use the “God” word.
Am I insulting some one who believes that there is no God.
Should I say that God is for everybody (not detached from the average)?
Must I mention Jesus Who said “don’t even think of killing”, or should I mention Mohammad who said “kill by my rules”?
Or perhaps Buddha or Laozi or any of those which you KNOW?

What is it?
Is Spirituality information from the books and your ability to agree, disagree, comment and draw conclusions on it?

You wait for The Messiah?
Who is Messiah?
The one who unites people, or the one who say something new (or old), or the one who puts order in the world?
Or may be the One Who brings the Truth.

But how do you know what is the Truth in order to recognize Messiah and follow Him?
Will you judge Him by the books you have read?
Will you judge the Truth with the INFORMATION you have about it?

I’ll tell you how humans judge the Truth – they do it with the interpretation of the information they have from the books.
And because humans are CLEVER (all of them) they think that the more they read, the crosser they come to the Truth.

No, my friends.
The truth is not in the Bible, in the Koran, in the words of the Prophets, Gods, non-gods, Buddhas or whoever and whatever you think off.

The Truth is in the cookie but only after you take a bite from it.
Otherwise the cookie is tasteless.

Read millions of books about the taste of the cookie and you will NOT KNOW it.
The taste is known in the mouth (in you).
A wise man had said that the Truth is in you, and you believed him without understanding the wisdom.
I suppose that the wise man did not mentioned the cookie, or you did not hear the end of the wisdom (you are always in a hurry).

So, who can be the greatest enemy of the cookie taste?
Is there enemy who is stopping you from not having the taste?
Who stops you from reaching God and have a bite from Him?
I suppose you could say that the religion does it, but what the religion has to do with the taste in your mouth?
I’d say, a lot.
The religion is an expression of the sorrow-bitter taste of humans souls.

Let me tell you another wisdom.
The taste in the cookie is always the same.
But the taste in your mouth eating one and the same cookie can be very different.
The taste depends on many things.
Although it is the same in the cookie, the taste in your mouth will depend on the food you ate before, on your health (blocked nose, damaged perceptions…), on the environment (noisy, smelly, dark, light, battle field, home comfort…) and on many other things.

Don’t ask why different Prophets gave different INFORMATION about the taste.
They had it differently.

Which one is the closest to the Truth about the Taste?
Look at the Prophets explanations.
In what they do not deffer?
In Love.

And now we come to the evergreen question:
How to find the cookie?
The answer is very simple – if you want to taste the Love what do you do? – you Love.

Now, I can not tell you what Love is.
I can give you some information about it, but the taste is in the cookie.


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come, To My Self I Return

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16 years ago

I heard Deepak being interviewed on speaking of faith radio show and was very impressed.

I’ve now also got cookie cravings! 🙂

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