Having God

It is 2:31 in the morning. The thought “having God” came as a contrast of the last postings, which were more about “having sex”. Most people go to bed with the “having sex” thought. What if the world turns and go to bed with the thought of having God?

Obsession or screwed mind?

Today I have a thought…
I mean, not thought but something that waves my thoughts, and I’d like to share it.

What is it?
Today I bumped in to question and the answer for it.

Q: For the last year or two I’ve had very little interest in sex, and I’m not sure why, I’m 48 years old and pretty healthy. My husband and I had sex maybe three times all last year, but we used to have sex all the time. Why is this happening and what do you suggest I do?

I won’t quote the answer. (more…)

WordPress philosophy vs WordSeller philosophy

Today I was looking at my weblog with the eye of the developer and the philosopher.
I don’t think of myself as neither of them, but I have to be developer (don’t have money to pay for one), and most of the people take my knowledge as philosophy.

So, from these two points of view, I saw the anti-logic of humans life.

There was time when the word had value, but no price (! priceless), and all the rest was for money.
Today the word has no value but is sold for money, and things that should cost money are given for free.

How it comes!?