If the “322 seconds” video clip made you feel sad, this one will fix your mood. The video is rated as the “best ever” animation. Video embed in pop-up window Did you watch it? Now see this, but please, only after you watched the first one. Video embed in pop-up Read more…

322 seconds

This is a love story expressed in 322 seconds. After finding out that his wife Angelina has breast cancer, the violinist Vesko Panteleev started to record the last moments of her life with their home video camera. Vesko is playing the violin in the video clip. Video embed in pop-up Read more…

Homosexuality: right/wrong

I wouldn’t come to this article if I didn’t visit (after long time) Deepak Chopra’s discussion board.
There I bumped in to one of the most “sick” discussion subjects in these days – homosexuality.

Mr. Chopra seams to be one of the best psychological therapists.
Although they put him in the bunch of the enlightened people, I think that he proved him self as a very good business man.
Hm… why not “enlightened business man”…

Preparing Lessons

As I wrote in my first postings, before I had my first miracle I already was prepared for it.
The life showed me that there is something that I don’t know and that I must search for.
Well… I did not put myself immediately in the search, but no one can escape from himself.
I already stated that the first miracle happened to me, was the word(s), that I heard from God, but long before that, in Bulgaria I had many miracles that I put on the shelf of the supernatural mystic experience that could happen to anyone.