The Suckers – freedom and values

Have you ever thought why the new age spiritual authors are so popular?
How spiritual books become bestsellers?

I’ll tell you how.
It is because they tell you exactly what you want to hear.

A sucker that knows nothing but the taste of the milk comes to tell you that “You have always been, you are now and you will always be.”

Wow, we all are gods.

A sucker that knows nothing but the taste of the milk and the softness of the pillow comes to tell you that “The same spirit that rose Jesus from the dead lives in each of us and all of us.”
And you will quote it as a truth.

The Source and God

I was having interesting chat with friends of the book “Conversation with God”.
I saw how people are confused in there understanding about God.

What is God?

God is not the source of all things.
And The Source is not God.
The Source is the Thing which gives life to God(s) and matter.
The Source has no personality.
It does not have Knowledge.
The Source has one only thing: “I Exist”.
It is the thing which gives life, but knows nothing about Life.
Like the spring which does not know about the river.
The Source is everything but knows nothing about anything.
The Source does not CREATE.
Creation is done by will.
The Source has no will.