“A brief comment of Time” is part of my book “Invitation for Immortality”

I am not trying to kill the physics. It has never been alive.

A brief comment of Time

Every one of us has thought about Time. We’ve seen many movies, and read a lot “scientific” books, describing Time, in many different ways. I am sure that every one of us has tried to answer the question “What is Time”. I am also sure, that we have tried to do that in minutes of droning, wondering “what to do with our time”. Of course there are people, who have taken this very seriously, and we can enjoy such a bestseller as “A brief history of Time”. With all my respects to the genius scientist Stephen W. Hawking, I would like to say, that his exercises in that field are far away from the truth. I will not go in argument with such a respected name. I will give my “A brief comment of Time”.
In his book, Stephen W. Hawking very successfully describes the Universe as an expanding balloon. I will ask you to not include the Time in this balloon. And I want you to imagine the Universe, as Г continuous material. The light is the base substance of the material, and the light is everywhere. That’s why the Universe is a continuous material with different density in the different areas.

The Time is compound part of the Universe, the scientists say. The Universe is impossible without the Time, they say. Why?
I will show you an example of the funny way that the scientists use, to confuse us in our concept of the Time.
They tried to prove, that the gravity changes the speed of Time. In 1962 this was proven with two very sharp clocks. One of them was put on the top of a high tower, and the other one – on the ground. For the clock which was on the ground, the time moved slower. Later this was “proven” with the differences between the watches of the astronauts and the watches on the Earth. Very clever… isn’t it? Haven’t they thought that the gravity has effect on the watches, not on the Time? It’s natural for the gravity to influence the mechanics, electronics and the braking of the atoms. The gravity and the Earth magnetic field, changes the work of the electronics and the nuclear reaction. We use the watches (mechanical, electronic and nuclear) to measure the Time, not to move it. What actually is Time?
We could say that it is in very close connection with the material, but they are independent from each other. I say “could” and “are independent”, because the Time is not objective, but subjective notion.
What happens with the material, from the birth to the death, is what we call “life”. In Bulgarian language we have word for “getting older”, which gives an impression for movement in the life. This is what happens with the biological and non biological material.
So, the period of the life (“getting older”) of the Universe, is what we call Time. The Time is not compound part of the Universe, but is subjective notion created from the mind. The Time appears with the material, and will disappear with it. We have created this notion of the Time, on the base of “getting older” of our body (biological material). To be able to make a statistics of the events in our life (“getting older”), and the “getting older” of the Universe, we use the Moon and the Sun as objects for orientation. We use days, months or lunar months for measuring the time, but that periods are not time. They are periods for measuring the time. With those periods we measure the periods of the events in our life (“getting older”) to which we refer the events in the life of the Universe.
Let me generalize: the life of our bodies is different from the life of non biological material. But we measure our life with the life of the non biological material. This is confusing us in our attempt to imagine the Time.
In the chapter “How the religions show the Creation of the Universe”, you will see that the Zoroastrianism divides the Time in three: Time of the creatures, Time of the Universe and endless Time of God.
I also think that the Time of the creatures is different from the Time of the Universe. And we must not mix them. The biological material gets older much faster, than non biological material, which means, that the Time for both materials will be different. We used to measure our life by the Sun, and that gives us a particular notion for the Time. Now, let us imagine that we don’t have the possibility to experience the “night and day” period. We are deep under the ground in a deep cave and we don’t have a watch. How can we measure the time in this case? The only way to do that is by our own metabolism. Our metabolism will create cycle, which will be our “night and day” cycle for work and rest. You can be sure, that this cycle will not be the same as the regular (measured by the sun) cycle. That is why, when we go out of the cave, we will see that our life was shorter or longer than the life on the Earth, and that will depend on our own metabolism. But which Time is real: the Time measured by our metabolism, or the time measured by the sun? This shows you, that we have fitted our metabolism by the cycle of the sun, and when we don’t have the possibility to experience that cycle, we use the natural cycle of our body (the biological material). In that connection, I’ll give you an example with a fiction story which I read many years ago: a man somehow goes in different Time on the Earth. He can see all the people living there living like on a slow motion movie. The man realizes that he is in time which moves faster than the time for the rest of the people. He does not think his life is shorter, but that other people’s lives are longer. This is to show us, how the time depends on the point of view of the mind. The time is the sense, for the speed of changes in our body. The time is the sense, for the speed of changes in the Universe. I do not thing, that we have, this second sense for the Time of the Universe. With the Time of our bodies we are trying to get that sense, but it is not real.
Now I would like to explain the Time with the manner of the scientists. This will make my idea look more serious and scientific based.
In the beginning I asked you to imagine the Universe as balloon, but not to put the time in it, because I want you to imagine the Time as a second balloon, which is transparent and non material. (When you read this, you must try to imagine the things in both of the balloons and in the same time to keep them connected in your imagination.)
We stay on the top of the balloon-Time which is the present. Inside is the past, and outside is the future. If we say that Time is a part of the Universe, then we are permanently on the border of the Universe, according to the Time. Being there and watching the Universe, we can see past events. This is possible because of the low speed of the light, which allows us to see the light of the stars thousands of years ago. The more the material balloon expands, the more, far in the past, events we will see. If the expansion of the Universe stops and goes back to collapse, then we can see the opposite effect: the balloon-Time will continue to expands, because the material continues to get older, but because of collapsing of the material balloon of the Universe, we will observe events, which are closer in the past. The more the material balloon collapses, the more, closer in the past, events we will see. At the end, the past and the present will disappear with the disappearance of the material. And it is not the Time which disappears, but the material. In that point of the Universe, the balloon-Time does not exist, because the material balloon is gone. That is the point which the scientists call “singularity”, and which point does not exist in any way.
Some of you will ask me, why in the whole story I didn’t mentioned the future, because the future does not exist in the material Universe. The future is impossible time in the Universe.
Did you know that the past is the more used time in our Universe? The present is ve-e-ery short moment, and the future does not exist. How can I prove that? Simple…
Now you are reading this book, and for you, the present is the moment in which you perceive in your mind the meaning of the words. Everything you see is in your very close past. You know that the light needs time to get in to your eye. The same is with the feeling for touch and all your senses. Now you know, that we are living in the past, and in the present is only that very short nick of time, in which we realize with our minds the event. The time is an expanding balloon, and thinking this way, we can understand, why the present is never static. The future, we said, does not exist. The future is out of the balloon, and we know there is “nothing”(nothing also does not exist, but this is in another chapter). We could presume, that in some next moment of the life, the material will pass through that point in the “nothing” (I suppose you understand the absurd of that) , but this is only theoretical assumption which is not good enough for prediction of the future. It is possible to do it, but not with scientific methods.
This is my “Brief comment of the Time”. It is not a big loss, if you did not understand it. The comment is for “clever” people that do not explain the things, but think them out. For that kind of people I explain the obvious things, in the way they use to think.


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