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Hum… I think that it is AGAIN time, to pay a little attention to the English site of Truden Web Site.
Not that there is a big interest shown from that site, but as a respect to the minority…
Oh, I know that English is always MAJORITY, but not in everything, my friends, not in everything…

What shall I say… to fill the space?
There is so much said in English that my part in the whole, with my English language will be like a drop in the ocean.
But ocean is made drop by drop, and it is drop itself.

I think that I have never said in English something about my knowledge of That, which some of you call God.
Well… I haven’t said in this Web Site anything but “God”, although it could not have that sound for some of you.

So, how can I explain That (God)?
I think that this would be interesting question (answer)?
It is difficult.
Yet, I would say that it is very easy to explain God.
But to EXPLAIN… only.
Knowledge has two faces: Experience and Intelligence.
The first of them (Experience) is the taste in the mouth.
The second (Intelligence) is the explanation from the book.
One can explain you the taste, but you can only have it as Knowledge when it becomes the taste on your tongue.
Therefore it is stupid to say (as some ENLIGHTENED do) that having the words you’ve received the Knowledge. (There is no such a thing as initiated in Knowledge.)
The funniest thing about this is that not being enlighten before to receive the words, you wouldn’t know whether you have the right words…

Any way…
The Doubt is Mother of Truth.

What is God?

God is that think that is not created, but is man’s image.
No! I don’t say that man created image of God.
That is the most obvious think.
I say that God resembles to man.
…Or opposite…

Look at yourself.
You are Man. (woman is included)
Man is body, and soul.
Without body, there is only spirit.
Without soul there is only carcass.
Only the INTERRELATIONS between two of them is Alive Man.

Here we come to the Understanding that Life is Interrelations.
Life is MOTION, for interrelations create motion.

If God is only clear Consciousness – He Is.
In order to have “life” He must be in Interrelations with something.
But there is nothing except Him…

Let me take here a small step aside…
I heard an ENLIGHTEN man to say, that there is no perfection.
That statement is as funny as to say “This is Perfect”.
How could one say that!?
With what knowledge you say “perfect” or “not perfect”?
You must be the perfection itself in order to judge… yourself. (That is also stupid…)
Saying “that is perfect” implies that you are PERFECT.
The same way you make yourself perfect when you say “there is not perfection”( paradox)

And here I’ll go back to:
But there is nothing except Him…
This is Perfection!
…Not yet…
Perfect is: being “alone” He Has Life.
God exist as One think which is Two.
(As man is)
God has Life in His Two Parts.
Life is Interrelation.
And that Interrelation exists between God’s two parts: Body(Universe) and Soul(Consciousness)
As man’s soul is in the whole body and gives Life to it, the same way God’s Consciousness is in the whole Universe and gives Life to Universe.
“But as we know God is Spirit” – would contradict me many of you.
The Spirit is which Knows Itself. Not the Body.(although the body is (from)spirit to)
Therefore it is said that the Spirit is eternal.
And only the One that is Eternal – IS.
The rest is not.
The rest is Life.
But I Am My Life.
Which implies: I Am Both My Parts.

Do not lock yourself in this words.
Let them bread in you…
Let them drown yourself…

The spirit is EVERYWHERE in the Universe, and out of it.
Assume it as Light.
Now imagine a drop of water in the endless Light .
That drop is the Universe.
The Light is golden (let say), but in the drop It is blue.
Being in the drop the Light is locked for the real Knowledge of Itself.
The Light sees itself as a blue in the drop.
And being everywhere in it, the light experience the motion of the Interrelations from different points of view.
Now I’m writing this, and the Light experiences the motion from my place.
You are reading this, and the Light is experiencing it from your point of view.
The Light is having Life.
And none of those Lives are the same in any of the experiences.
They are all completely different.
There is as many Knowledge’s “created” in the Universe, as many living creatures are there alive.
Every Knowledge is “created” in different places, in different situations, under different circumstances, and every single of these differences brings Knowledge that goes over Knowledge.
Your Knowledge (Inelegancy) is not yours.
It is Knowledge given to you from the people that you grew with. Your first conscious decision was made with the knowledge that your parents gave you. The result of that decision became effect which turned in to cause for other effect… until today.
You are acting with Knowledge, which base is not yours. How could you say that the rest is yours!?
As you could not choose your base knowledge, the same way you could not choose non of the situations, places, circumstances, people… because all that is just an effect of your first decision, which was made not with your knowledge.
You were putting Knowledge over the Knowledge given to you from your parents, or from the people that you grew with.
What are you today, is what other people made from you.
And the others are made from you.
In the Interrelations there is no Constancy.
There is only Change.
People are changing each other.
The constant is the One that Watches.
The Golden Light can see Itself in the drop, but the blue Light in the drop can not see the Golden One.
Hum… That is not quite right…
Sometimes the Blue Light comes to the conclusion: “I am reflection in the drop, and and my real light is not blue.”
Then the Blue Light decides not to reflect itself in the material…
And when it succeeds in that “efforts”, the Blue Light returns in Its Real Self.
One round (turn) is completed.
One Life is Created – One Life has been Lived.
One Life which is I Am becomes Eternal.
And because there are many Eternal Lives: We Are.
But because there are no bounds in the Consciousness: I Am.

This was just an explanation…
There are many explanations of That, therefore you must not stay in this one only.
If after time it does not bring the taste in you, move to other explanation.
Move until you feel That, as you feel the air in your lungs, and the taste in your mouth.
Move fast, my friends, move fast…
And by the way, enjoy all the motion that you are going through.
It could be your only Life.


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come ↔ To My Self I Return

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