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SERPIL wrote:
Truden, how much difficult u are???

How difficult I Am…?

You know… difficulty is not in intellectual conquering.
Nothing from what you deal with is difficult for your intellect.
Otherwise you would not be able to deal with it 😉

I’m carpenter.
It shouldn’t be difficult for most of you to deal with my intellectual understanding and explanations.
Not to mention that I use very basic English…

Difficulty has two aspects: understanding and acceptance.
Normally (and “normal” is always wrong) people thing that acceptance comes after the understanding.
That is VERY WRONG (anti)logical thinking.

You are not benefiting from your relations, unless you are elevating the man before you, higher than yourself. By doing that you are overcoming one of the difficulties – “acceptance”: you accept the other person as somebody that you can learn from.
The second of the difficulties – “understanding”, will be overcome much easier.

To become LIDER of the crowd is not difficult for an average intellect.
The leadership lies in the dream of the crowd.
Dreams come from the knowledge and the desire.
Put the knowledge and the desire of the crowd in beautiful words and promises, and you are the best LEADER.

Crowd does not elect leader.
It elects its hope.

“I understand my leader – Crowd says – because he speaks with my understanding, and leads me to my dream.”
Note that before to “understand” the leader, the crowd accept him by its own UNDERSTANDING.
Crowd accepts nobody but itself!!!
Therefore the leader is not any different than the crowd.

Being such, the leader is EASY to understand.

Difficult is the one that is different than the crowd.
Being different he is not accepted and therefore not understood.
(take Jesus for example)

I could be the Wisdom itself: that does not serve the crowd!
It serves only myself, and the one that is not different than me.

“Not different” lost its meaning in the world of the livings.
“Not different” is Absolute meaning: Who is not different than me is Me.

Only I can “understand” My Self.
The one that does “understand” me is I.

Do you understand me, my friend?


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come ↔ To My Self I Return

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