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Originally posted by Maya2:
I don’t even know what question to ask!
Love – Maya

And you better don’t ask, dear Maya.

There is no reason, therefore no true answers exist.
The only true question in the Watery Abyss is “How?”
The only answer is “Love.”
Not “love”, but Love.

Most of Men say “Yes, I agree with Love”, but inside of them they are afraid of Love.
Subconsciously man knows that the birth of Love is the death of Man.
People do not know that Man is Egg with embryo inside.
The egg itself is dead. The break of the egg brings the Life.

Many people (like 9:50) did ask me whether I think my self Enlighten.
“No – I answer. – I’m Man killer. Egg – Breaker.”
I hope that I am
At least I’m trying hard… very hard 🙂

And you, dear bracha, are very right.
Man does not know BETER than him self.
He allows one only above him – the one that he chooses for teacher and image to follow.
But Man CHOOSES by his own knowledge (image) of perfection, therefore do not trust your choice.
Do not stop in your choice, but look forward, for in the search is the Truth.

Please do not interpret my words wrong.
Trust people, for Love is Trust.
But do not trust YOUR choice.

Also, do not regret for your “wrong” choice.
Benefit from it.

Well I started to sound like a teacher
I am not a teacher.
I am Man killer.
My victims are my Friends.


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come ↔ To My Self I Return

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