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I think that you guys are misinterpreting the meaning of “living in the past”.
Pity that Chopra took you on that trail…

Living in the past, is to leave with the UNDERSTANDING from your past.

Actually what NORMAL man does, is living in the past.
Having fear, is living in the past: haw would you know, what you must be afraid of, if you don’t have it from your past?
And seeing something that you don’t know from the past, you fear it too, because you don’t have the past experience to avoid it, or to fight it.

How do you know what is good and bad?
It is given to you from your past and the past of your parents: and they have it from their parents, and they took it from their… passing like that from generation to generation.

So, man lives in the past.

Man’s UNDERSTANDING is from the past, and man is afraid to throw it away, because he thinks that his UNDERSTANDING is driving the live.
Well, that is very true, but man does not realizes that WRONG UNDERSTANDING is wrong way of living – suffering.

Wrong UNDERSTANDING could be pleasure too. (Ask BIG man)
But BIG man does not know that pleasure is UNDERSTANDING too.

Do you see now that the subject of this topic has nothing to do with “living in the past”?

The questioner, at past time couldn’t understand something with his past UNDERSTANDING, and that made him afraid of the experiences he had.
Now with his changed UNDERSTANDING, the questioner wants to go trough that experience again.
Is that living in the past?
I think that this man is more in the presence than all of you, including Chopra.
In the presence is the change, and the questioner is doing it, but you that are in the past, are stopping him with your past UNDERSTANDING.

You know… man very often uses past understanding thinking that it is his own.
Your understanding about the “living in the past” is given to you from Chopra… let say.
And he has it from the books that come from the past. In the books of the Enlightened Man there is present knowledge, but man interprets it with his past knowledge, and there deceiving is taking birth.
To know from the books is not to Know.
Real Knowledge is in the taste of the fruit, I reminded you few months ago.
You cannot put it in the words.

Reading Chopra’s answer, it seams to me that he has the words, not the taste.


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come ↔ To My Self I Return

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